Comrades in arms of the former Railway force 89314: Celebrating the Year of The Tiger of The Song Dynasty, The Lantern Festival, the 15th day of the first lunar month

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The Lantern Festival by Li Junfeng.Yuanxiao sent praise, the fifteenth day of the night sky.Heaven and earth a total moon, Shenzhou jiao xiongfeng exhibition.Keep in mind our original aspiration and mission for a prosperous China.Firm double long March road, the full moon according to loyalty.Great cause drawing light, fu Hu auspicious Yan Huang long.The festival does not forget to newspaper party en, all over the east.The Lantern Festival by Wang Ke.Across the window overlooking the sky last month, and meet renyin Lantern Festival.Farewell winter look forward to spring warm breeze kiss face drunk xinwo.All things revive people joy, the fifteenth day of the first month to sing songs of praise.Classic customs handed down from generation to generation, flying dreams of China.Lantern Festival: War of Friendship author: Wang Ke.The country issued orders that year, the 36th division 80,000 soldiers.Linhai Snow field no man’s land, Nenlin railway Xing ‘anling.Now is an old man, the holiday times think of war and friendship.Where are the iron soldiers now? Charge again on the long March.The Lantern Festival by Cheng Li.Auspicious snow ablation lights red, firecrackers sound shock capital.Orson Park is lit up like fireworks.The fifteenth day of the winter Olympics, Chinese children happy double meet.Win glory for the country brave champion, national rejuvenation such as rainbow.Full moon on Yuanxiao by Cheng Li.Tiger Lantern Festival, fireworks with the moon night.Red light auspicious, dragon dance golden tiger jump.The first Snow in the Year of the Tiger By Cheng Li The first snow in the Year of the Tiger covered Beijing with snow and snow.In front of the red light snow rong rong, children play snow play.Wintersweet spit sprout, silver tree ice and snow hanging community.The old man with white head is walking on spring snow.Yuanxiao: Love and Thoughts by Han FuyouThe fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, colorful red light yao.Culture square dragon dance, northeast Yangko twisting stilts.A few lanterns night sky, auspicious kite with the floating moon.Yuanxiao’s comrade-in-arms writer: Han Fuyou.The fifteenth day of the war friendship, sent to the greeting mind thick.Lantern Festival call miss, dream back to the old camp.Net cast iron chain, the year of the tiger auspicious everything.Spring comes, singing and laughing to welcome yuanxiao.The moon is round on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.Yuanxiao: The Moon is round By Li Houlong.The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, silver tiger luck to.Red lanterns hanging in the sky, thousands of households high.A bright moon according to the stars, brilliant Beauty of China, such as jiao.Full moon sweet Heart Author: Liu Yankuan.15 moon round, picturesque jiangshan sleepless.Yuanxiao custom, ancient civilization for thousands of years.Vientiane renewal sing prosperous times, the Hearts of Chinese people sweet.The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, the classical collectively called Shangyuan;Men, women and children guess lantern riddles, night lantern play;Dragon lanterns and lions, drums and gongs resounding through the sky;Human begging for no pain, every family to eat dumplings;Early spring By Li Wansheng Spring sends warmth, the sun shines on the earth.Willows sprout and glaciers melt quickly.On the Lantern Festival, the grass turns green.Everything auspicious tiger, the motherland red flag.The works are from the following three groups: 1. The 14th Regiment of the Railway And the 13th Comrade-in-arms Group.2, the 14th regiment of the Railway Force, warehouse comrades-in-arms group.The 14th Regiment, Baicheng Tongyu comrades-in-arms.February 13, 2022.Home of veterans Responsible Editor: Dream Wake Braid hair: Iron friend