In the year of the Ox, the year of the Ox and the Year of the Tiger, the tide of the Chinese silver shares harvested about 490 million East Lake district sanitation projects

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The year of the ox was packaged bullish The year of the tiger HuShi blunt plate | silver stake gains of about 490 million east lake district sanitation project # # # Taurus old, on January 30 f tiger winter jasmine,According to the Chinese government procurement website, Qiaoyin Shares pre-won the bid of about 489 million yuan (according to the price adjustment mechanism of the project).The service scope of this project covers the main and secondary roads, back streets and lanes, and open community cleaning and cleaning of 9 street offices in Donghu District, with a service term of 1+3+3+3 years.In recent years, east Lake District based on the advantages of good ecological resources, adhere to the integration of ecological culture and tourism, overall planning of production, ecology, living layout of the three major, burnishing cultural tourism signboard, boost the high-quality development of the district’s economy.In Nanchang, Qiaoyin Has successfully provided professional sanitation services for Qingyunpu district and other places. The winning of the local sanitation project again shows that the owner fully recognizes qiaoyin’s advantages in management, technology, equipment, team and emergency response.Qiaoyin Shares will continue to give full play to its advantages as a city steward, combine with the development plan of East Lake District, work with government departments to create a clean, livable and orderly beautiful home, and provide “Qiaoyin model” for the construction of beautiful East Lake.