Liping County “four measures” to promote the integration of national culture and tourism development

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In recent years, Liping County attaches great importance to the inheritance, protection, promotion and utilization of ethnic culture, takes Traditional Chinese villages as the platform, takes the establishment of a demonstration county of all-region tourism as the starting point, and vigorously promotes the integrated development of ethnic culture and tourism by relying on the advantages of rich dong cultural resources.Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, Liping County has received 6.884 million tourists for ethnic cultural tourism, with an average annual growth of 15.28%.The accumulated comprehensive income reached 6.486 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 25.21%.We will protect and inherit ethnic culture, and lay a solid foundation for cultural and tourism integration.Holding a Forum on the inheritance, protection and development of Dong dage, compiling and publishing dong culture series such as Jin Han Limei and Liping, the Hometown of A Hundred Festivals, laying a foundation for the inheritance and development of ethnic culture;The second batch of state-level intangible cultural heritage transmission centers, two exhibition halls, three inheritance bases, and four training centers were completed.We strengthened the cultivation of ethnic cultural talents, completed the sixth list of county-level representative intangible cultural heritage projects and applied for the fourth batch (184 people) of county-level representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, and conducted three training sessions on indigo dyeing and intangible cultural heritage for 136 people.To strengthen the activities of inheriting ethnic culture in schools, carry out classroom activities of Introducing Dong ethnic dage and other intangible cultural heritage in Zhaoxing Primary School, Zhaoxing Middle School, Yandong Primary School and Yandong Middle School, and complete the software construction of zhaoxing Middle School’s campus learning center.We will accelerate the development of traditional villages and promote the integration and upgrading of cultural and tourism industries.To build the centralized and continuous protection and utilization projects of huanggang, Sizhai and Tang ‘an, improve the agglomeration planning of traditional villages, and form traditional village clusters with Zhaoxing, Tang ‘an, Huanggang and Sizhai villages as the focus, radiating Jitang, Shangdiping, Tongguan and Shudong, etc.Huanggang Village provincial tourism demonstration village ecological corridor sustainable development project has been implemented;We have accelerated the development of home stay facilities, with 313 new ones in recent years, greatly improving tourism reception capacity and service quality.We will strengthen the cultivation of folk festivals and create a brand of cultural and tourism integration.Excavate and sort out the traditional national festivals, and create the tourism and cultural IP of “The hometown of 100 festivals”.To organize and implement the Dong Dage ecological protection pilot zone project, and hold the Dong Dage Hundred village singing competition.Actively undertake the “Happy New Year · Welcome the Winter Olympic Games” 2022 national village “Evening” and Guizhou Yunjiang Village evening activities;It has cultivated a number of influential festival brands such as Sizhai Wrestling Festival and Shag Clay Figurine Festival.Focusing on creating festival IP, promoting the marketization and branding of ethnic festivals, a number of tourism and cultural IP have been formed, such as “The Year of Dong People of China”, “Zhaoxing Grain Rain Festival” and “Huanggang Day Festival”.In 2021, a total of 123,000 tourists were received, with a total tourism revenue of 98.4 million yuan, up 68.57 percent year on year.Promote the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage skills and realize the flowering of cultural and tourism integration.At present, Liping county patent product declaration 7, trademark registration 23.There are 102 enterprises producing cultural and creative products, among which 58 are making clothes, 12 are making wood, 6 are making bamboo weaving, 6 are making sculpture (plastic), 12 are making silver ornaments and 8 are processing food.Increase cultural creative enterprises, support dong product source of farmers’ professional co-operatives, traditional craft YanTing hand embroidery fang, eight national costumes hand embroidery companies, such as a number of dong traditional handicraft production enterprises, development and production of dong indigo dyed embroidery, dong, dong clothing such as tourist commodities, take “cooperative + order” mode, through online synchronous sales, smooth sales channels.At present, dong Pinyuan traditional craft farmer specialized cooperative has established more than 40 production bases in 26 towns and villages (streets) of the whole county, driving more than 2,000 people to join the cooperative, with an average income of more than 2,000 yuan.Declaration: The 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