Love you, never forget in my heart

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Author: xin month blue war meets with you, the memory again beautiful also is the sorrow that flower blossoms xie only, once the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, arrive after all however fleeting wind and frost.No longer disturb, can only miss in the heart.You are the one I miss the most, and the one I would least like to contact.Do not want to share with you the dribs and drabs of life, because the missed person, say one more word, or reluctant.Loved you, never forget in my heart, cut constantly acacia, do not erase the memory of you.Some people, a million years, exhausted life or forget.Love, you walk, chi also read, hurt will understand, all is fate arrangement.Fate, whether you believe it or not, sometimes you have to listen to it.I can not put down the most love you, I still choose to give you freedom, as my last gentle.There is no one like me, every night always think of some people, think of some things, and then involuntarily tears.During the day, I would continue to be the laughing child, but with a lonely smile, and no longer open my heart to anyone.The world of mortals after freehand brushwork, after all, can not open a love word.Years let me mature, miss let me sad, love let me intoxicated, miss you let me helpless, miss as meet, unfortunately, you have gone far.Memories toss back and forth, there is a heartache can not be said.In the days without me, you must remember to eat, remember to go to bed early, remember to get up early, remember to exercise and remember to be happy.Don’t forget, I’m still thinking about you.The wind blows from afar, haven’t heard from you for a long time.How strong I must be, to smile when others mention you, your name written down only a few centimeters, but through the time I miss you for so long.Invisible scars the most pain, tears flow out of the most grievance, searching, looking for you.If one day, we meet again, do you still as before?I never forget you, only from strong become silent, a read persistent, you became bitter acacia.That day gently turned around, thought it was just a relationship, in the end, just know, the original is life, life for your heart and mind, silently guarding you.Read many love stories, but did not expect is the end of you and me.The accumulation of thoughts into my heart, temporarily unexpectedly choked throat.When I first saw you, I was full of joy, but in love, I can not do free and easy.Everyone will meet a person who can not be together, let go, miss and too bitter, love and not the most suffering.About like you this matter, after leaving, became my lonely heart.Really loved, can not be when you have not come, memory does not exist.I’ve been watching you, in ways you don’t know.The most true love can not hide, no matter how long to meet, you are engraved in my memory, I will always cherish you in my heart.The time that had passed together, will turn into the tenderness of acacia, warm the heart that misses.Loved you, always cherish in my heart, you are the most beautiful meet in my life, treasure the love for you, stretching the love of miss, so through every day.Love you, never forget in my heart, time changes, you are always my deep feeling, this life can not be forgotten, this life will not change.Thinking of you is a kind of warm happiness, peace be to you all the year round, I am well.