Lu Yabo, founder of Jinjiying, and the global Chinese Golden Tiger celebrate the Spring Festival

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Lu Yabo, who graduated from Shanghai Huangpu University of Technology, is currently the chairman of Shanghai Jinjiying Industrial Co., LTD., Shanghai Jinjiying Investment Management Co., LTD., and Shanghai Jinjiying Household Products Co., LTD.On March 12, 2019, lu Yapo, patron of Kim Jia-young, presented the World’s Outstanding Women Award and delivered the keynote speech at the 63rd Session of the United Nations Conference on Women in New York.Jinjiaying silk tribute won the gold medal in general merchandise category of panama Pacific International (International) Expo 2021.# New Year’s Eve, in addition, that is to remove the meaning;Xi refers to night.”New Year’s Eve” is the meaning of New Year’s Eve, also known as New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve, etc., for the end of the last day night.It is connected end to end with the New Year, which is called “the end of the year and the end of the year”. It is the eve of the New Year and the important time tri-junction for dividing the old year and ushering in the New Year. It means that the old year divides at this point and the New Year changes.Spring Festival couplets are also called doorpairs, spring stickers, couplets, couplets, peach characters and so on. It depicts the background of The Times with neat, dual, concise and exquisite words and expresses good wishes. It is a unique literary form in China.Every Spring Festival, whether urban or rural, every family will select a pair of red Spring Festival couplets to paste on the door, for the festival to increase the festive atmosphere.In China, there is a saying of “open door firecrackers”.That is, on the arrival of the New Year, the first thing every family opens the door is to set off firecrackers, with the sound of beeping firecrackers to eliminate the old and welcome the new.Firecracker is a Chinese specialty, also known as “firecrackers”, “firecrackers”, the Tang Dynasty writing “blast pole”, the south is also known as “paper gun”, “ring gun”.If many individual firecrackers are connected into a string, they are called “firecrackers”, “ring whip”, “whip”.Firecrackers can create a festive atmosphere, is a festival of entertainment, can bring people joy and luck.On New Year’s Eve, people prepare to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new and have a family reunion dinner.The New Year’s Eve dinner is the most lively and happy time for every family.On Chinese New Year’s Eve, families gather around tables and have dinner together. There are big dishes, cold POTS, hot fried dishes and dim sum on the table.Family reunion, a total of Tianlun, the elderly see children and grandchildren full in the spirit of comfort and satisfaction, and the younger generation, is also can take this opportunity to express gratitude to parents for their upbringing.Shou Sui New Year’s Eve lights all night, yue “burning lights shine on the old” or “light the old fire”, all the houses are lit candles, but also specially at the bottom of the bed lit candles, lit candles all over, called “according to the waste”, it is said that after so, will make the next year home wealth enrichment.New Year’s Eve, the family reunion together, eat New Year’s Eve dinner, lit candles or oil lamps, sitting around the stove or together to sit in the warm and comfortable silk quilt gossip, overnight vigil, symbolizing all the evil plague disease as run away, looking forward to the New Year auspicious.New Year’s Money after dinner elders will be prepared New Year’s money to younger generation, it is said that New Year’s money can suppress evil, younger generation get New Year’s money can spend a year in peace.New Year’s money in folk culture meaning exorcise evil spirits, bless peace.The original intention of lucky money was to ward off evil spirits.Because people think that children are easily harmed by ghosts, they use New Year’s money to suppress them and drive away evil spirits.New Year new atmosphere, year after year enjoy silk.Wish all Chinese: happy New Year, auspicious year of the Tiger, good dream of silkworm sleep and healthy silk!