One of the Yangzhou “housekeeper” members of the Chinese Women’s ice hockey team affectionately called him “Father Chen”

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The sports team management system formulated by Chen Jianmin “Congratulations to our women’s ice hockey Team’s victory over Japan!”On the evening of Feb 6, Chen Jianmin, the former head of yangzhou Sports School, posted a picture of the women’s ice hockey team hugging each other on his wechat moment.Another role for Chen jianmin is as an administrator of the Chinese women’s ice hockey team.In June 2019, Chen Jianmin received an order from the General Administration of Sport of China to join the Chinese women’s ice hockey team as a team manager in preparation for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.He became affectionately known as “Papa Chen” by his teammates.Chen Jianmin, 65, has been retired from the Yangzhou sports school for years.Why is he favored by the Chinese women’s ice hockey team?It starts with the formation of the team.In the winter events, China’s women’s ice hockey team is not bad, and was once a strong force in the world women’s ice hockey field. It won the gold medal of women’s ice hockey in the Asian Winter Games in 1996 and 1999, and the fourth place in the Women’s ice hockey competition in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics.However, in recent years, Chinese women’s ice performance has declined.In order to achieve good results in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese women’s ice hockey team has specially hired a foreign teacher team to improve their level as soon as possible.With a high-level coaching team, there is also a high-level management team.Therefore, The Chinese women want to look for a domestic management experience, and understand the training business, and political quality of the strong person, as the team manager.In this way, Chen Jianmin entered the field of vision of Chinese women ice.He has served as the principal of Yangzhou Sports School for many years, holds the certificate of senior coach, and is also a member of the national professional training expert group.Since 2005, Chen jianmin has often attended national academic work conferences on amateur training, so officials from the General Administration of Sport of China have been impressed by him.This time, When the Chinese women ice team manager, the first thought is Chen Jianmin.Chen Jianmin’s main task at the China Women’s Ice Hockey Team is to be responsible for team management and coordination between coaches and athletes, as well as assisting in training.”I just got to the team and couldn’t sleep for a whole week.”Chen jianmin said that the newly formed women’s ice hockey team members are not familiar with, more importantly, team cohesion has not formed.Faced with such a situation, Chen Jianmin bought his own laptop computer and wrote a management system of nearly 10,000 words, including athletes’ training, life, discipline and other relevant regulations in detail.The rules and regulations are a distillation of Chen’s decades of work experience. “Later, other coaches came to me, hoping to copy the rules I wrote.”Chen Jianmin frankly, in the early days of the hockey team, the players did not buy him.Once, Chen Jianmin’s salary slip was seen by the players, they were surprised that Chen Jianmin’s salary is not as good as the athletes, “I tell you straight away, I come to the hockey team not for salary, only for the Chinese team can stand on the podium.Since then, no player has refused to accept me.”The players called him “Father Chen”, “Thank you, Father Chen, we will cheer!””Dad Chen, I’m not hurt, not in the way, you rest assured.”…Chen Jianmin’s wechat is full of chat records with his team members, and the friendly “Dad Chen” is full of everyone’s trust in Chen Jianmin.”I had a saying on the hockey team, I’ll take bullets and punches for you, but I’m going to do everything from hair tubes to shoes and socks, just like dad.””I see myself as the father of my teammates,” Chen said. “I’m strict and caring.”Despite years of accompanying the team, Chen didn’t show up at the games, glued to the TV in his room for the games and glued to it whenever the women’s hockey team took the field.When the team won and others were celebrating, he remembered to send greetings to his “daughters” who had fallen down on the field. “I was anxious to see her fall, and I was afraid she would get hurt.”Chen Jianmin is looking forward to the Chinese women’s ice hockey team. “I have full confidence in this highly cohesive Chinese women’s ice hockey team.”Reporter Wang Peng fu Chun Yang Kong Qian/photo