Sun Hui was in mischief again. This time, sun Haiyang did not play for three days

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The fifth day of the year, Sun Ocean Hall sun full of wine.The Sun family had a reunion with their relatives, and Sun Zhuo and his sister were given important responsibilities.Sun Ma took this opportunity to let Sun Zhuo ruthlessly show his face. He not only showed how to write couplets with a brush.Sister younger brother two individual collocation, only deserted Sun Hui, this lets the Sun Hui that loves to behave cannot sit, he shows astonishing act, hope causes everybody focus.Still be arranged to write gift sheet this important task, Sun Haiyang lets son show to everybody intentionally.Sun Zhuo lived up to the expectations of the public to show the smooth handwriting, netizens call it is really the character of the person, especially beautiful.Sun Zhuo was praised for his integrity and kindness. He is always not perfect and has not been polluted by the secular world.Sun this big family ushered in the festive moment, the whole family has a task.Only a few years old little brother Sun Hui has no task, when the whole family are busy, Sun Hui back to the countryside in the village again in mischief, this time the performance of climbing the wall.Sun Hui was being mischievous again. He climbed up and jumped out of the car. Sun Hui stepped on the Audi car mischievously and looked at the boy laughing and saying that he was really mischievous.Sun Hui sports car jump car always make endless strength, distressed Audi car a few seconds, really do not take the car seriously.Looking at her naughty son Sun Hui, Yingying did not feel distressed to buy a new car.Instead, they ridicule their son, no money and material in their hearts can stop their children in the heart of the status.Parents always believe that children are the greatest treasure in the heart.Originally I admire Sun Haiyang only, the back likes sun Zhuo.Then found peng Siying is also good, Sun Yue’s article came out to be convinced.Until sun Hui can do things, handsome washing dishes carry rice, until the wall let people laugh and cry.Sun Hui propped his feet on the wall, and netizens laughed that it had the potential to install air conditioners. It is the nature of children to fly on the wall and like to play.Sun Haiyang said sun Hui, three days do not hit the roof uncovered tile.Like that geek joke, my mom hasn’t hit me in three days.Sun Hui went up to the tile-roofed house and went down to the kitchen.Gradually Sun Hui became the focus, all day long, open social platform to see Sun Zhuo, Sun Yue, Sun Hui sister and brother two people.Become the focus of everyone’s New Year’s day, a family surrounded by happiness.If Sun Zhuo had grown up with his father, he would have been even more mischievous than Sun Zhuo. Sun Hui has many bad ideas, both good and bad.Little boys always want to attract attention in various ways.I see, Sun Haiyang is too fond of children, completely tube not to come down, the man is very well inherited.The country is short of such athletes, the Spring Festival Sun Zhuo home for the first Spring Festival, the whole family is dizzy happiness.The family has been separated for 14 years, the first Spring Festival family happily together, no matter how others attack, can not stop their happy life.Sun Hui’s naughty, let people make up for sun Zhuo was not so when he was a child.Speaking of here perhaps Sun Haiyang, we can imagine how naughty sun Zhuo is.Perhaps this is a happy day, everyone’s attention gathered on Sun Zhuo, gradually Sun Hui is the soul of the family, basketball, badminton, skating, washing dishes, singing, playing guitar, hosting, playing mahjong, sweeping the floor, handstand.The sun Hui shown in the video will not have him, which is why he hopes to attract people’s attention.Everyone also as he wishes, gradually will look to his body, perhaps every little boy’s heart has a hero dream, can be concerned about.