T1 is the best team in LCK!Guan Zeyuan blowing T1, GEN ecstasy!T1 fans told Guan Zeyuan to shut up

2022-08-02 0 By

As we all know, many teams in LCK have changed during the previous transfer period. Some teams have become stronger, while others have become weaker.T1 is a stronger team, while DK is a weaker team.The two teams will face each other on January 30, and before the match, the two teams had attracted much attention. Many netizens were talking about the match, and even Guan Zeyuan recorded a video to bless T1.Guan Zeyuan said in the video, T1 is now the first LCK, T1 can be said to be the LCK’s strongest team, DK’s state is not optimistic.What do you think DK’s gonna do on the road?T1 around the road to play, DK is absolutely no way.Finally remember to say that after the end of the game, will determine the LCK first round of the three pattern.I am personally looking forward to the rivalry between the two sides as they are both representatives of the new generation.See here have to let the netizens have a hot discussion, because in LCK, to say the first strong team, then must belong to GEN, Guan Zeyuan is a loyal fan of GEN, he is famous poison milk identity, to say T1 is the strongest team, then undoubtedly T1 fans are a little panic.Many T1 fans were not satisfied with Guan’s statement, saying that although T1 is strong, it is by no means the strongest. Some netizens even told Guan to shut up.It must be the happiest thing for GEN, just not knowing if GEN can keep it up.There must be some differences between the current T1 and the previous SKT, and many people still have different views on T1.Because T1 has Faker, there will be more attention on T1.Hopefully T1 will do well and have a chance to go to worlds and play against LPL teams.For LPL fans, there must be a problem that LPK teams have to beat T1 head-on in the World championship.Also hope to see T1 in worlds this year, and hope to see an LPL team beat T1.So what do you want to say about this?Welcome to the discussion.