The University 62- Wealth makes a man rich

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Lesson 62 – The benevolent with wealth The truly benevolent with wealth, the benevolent with luck;Spring, grow summer, work;In summer, work hard, remove weeds, and wait for the fruits of autumn;Pay, there must be harvest?The story of ancient Greece, sculptor, God sees, and asks, what binds me to work, to live?Know Drucker, work, God sees;The more you pay, the more you get.Partners, we can ask ourselves again, summer, can you dare to work?Let pay determine the harvest, strategic choice.Leaders see, God sees, God sees.The skill that oneself practice a suit!Ability to grow on their own, let pay to decide the harvest, this is a big abacus, strategic choice.Summer, dare to pay;Autumn, dare to harvest.Read and practice the classics.University, Doctrine of the Mean, Analects, I Ching, Tao Te Ching…Chinese culture, traditional classical culture confidence and national revival.Strategic choice because see, therefore believe because believe, therefore act because act, therefore reap.