The reason why the Nets lost to the Wizards is revealed!Fan reveals the inside story: Unseld Jr. saw through it

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The reason why the Nets lost to the Wizards is revealed!Fan reveals the inside story: Unseld Jr. saw through it.”Su qun said Seth was tired after three games and played 31 minutes today, so the problem is that Harden never knows how to arrange rest during 37 minutes of the game. Harden should not only score, but also organize. Is Harden tired or not fluent today?The weekend is off, with Durant back after the All-Star break and Simmons playing.It doesn’t matter how good the nets are with Trang and Steph, it’s the Knicks.The Knicks are 12th in the Eastern Conference this season, and behind them are three rebuilding teams: the Pistons, the Magic pacers, the Wizards, who are 2.5 games better than the Knicks.The Nets won without four key players, and it was a cross-town Derby that the Knicks took seriously.The Lakers, Warriors and Bucks all lost to the Knicks with relatively complete rosters, so they’re worse than the Knicks?No team is weak in the NBA.Objectively speaking, Thomas plays like this, as noted in the draft report.So it’s a test of the coach’s ability to arrange players like that.A little bit of actual strength of the team hit the nets now, really is to eat dumplings so simple.If it was the playoffs, or a championship team, the Nets wouldn’t have a chance to win a championship. It’s definitely not going to happen now, even with Durant back.Steph is a shooter, a second or sixth man, but a leader is almost impossible.The nets didn’t beat Nash in this game, and brown hasn’t played more than 35 minutes, so how could he play well?At the beginning of the season, the healthy big three was considered a champion, now look, the nets’ new big three is also rare to play together, the championship is out of the question.Shouldn’t have lost this game, the bucks, Raptors, and Heat weren’t that good to win.Before the Knicks is collective want to do head coach, there are a few games in front of the Knicks is also, but yesterday to play big, the nets a few small people want to go far, no door.Civilian wizards are not strong enough and are facing major injuries.The Wizards couldn’t even figure out who was the leading hitter.What does it mean that only one team could wipe out the Nets?Now the Nets are only one and a half titans, because kyrie Irving is only one and a half.In fact, the Nets lost in the fourth quarter, the Wizards were too accurate from the corner of the 3, directly dead.Irving is 3-0 in the nets’ five games since Harden’s departure. Irving has won two straight.I love Adelman very much. Last year, if I persisted, I would have won the championship. This year, I want to persist and hope to catch the last bus.The Nets can’t put their hopes on Seth and Joss. Both of them have no defense, and Seth can use offense. Joss has no defense, no rim and is not a good finisher.In fact, Steph can be in the rotation, Jon has a big center to use, other times the last 5-8 minutes to play on it.Although Thomas is a better scorer, I feel he has a low ceiling and too narrow vision to be a big deal.Last season, the nets had internal problems, and the management did not solve the problem, the result of inaction, the championship is impossible, I have never heard of a management so chaotic can win, but at least better than the Knicks.The start of the season, predictably.They all wanted to do what was comfortable for them, but Kyrie and Harden didn’t re-sign, and only Doug did, so the front office had to do what was comfortable for Durant, and then they started doing it.The biggest problem for the Nets is that you can’t play without mills, Joha and Curry, but they can play at most one and a half.Winning conceals all problems. Problems don’t always win. Problems don’t always win.Tolerating Irving only makes him more brazen, since he missed last season for no reason before the vaccine ban.For a team to tolerate such a thorn in the infinite, the end result is likely to be the nets fall apart.They can’t sell it, they take up space, and irving is going to be traded sooner or later, just not worth much.Key Owen or a hero, as long as the play is a hero, and infinite fire power, harden in durant was injured and couldn’t play around him, Nash use harden like he used to play, harden last season after the nets durant injured, playing magic ball best take two months, this season is a core durant absolutely dozen!That’s why Harden left the nets.Although Owen is a good player, his professional spirit is so poor that he would be a disaster to any team.The biggest problem for the Nets this season is Kyrie. If he doesn’t play, he doesn’t play. Harden does the most work and gets the most scolding.Thank you for your attention to me all the time. Thank you for your company on the way of creation. I will continue to come on!