This winter, embrace ice and snow with your children and dream about the future

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Guangming Daily reporter Zhou Shixiang witnessed the underground “great Artery” Line 19 subway with few passengers in the early morning. He took a reporter’s car along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway to the north and arrived at the northern end of Beijing’s small plain, in front of Jundu Mountain.This Spring Festival, I went to the grass roots, not to visit people, not to go into the field, but at the highlight of the Beijing Winter Olympics with the snow field, with the young “ice and snow athletes” to meet.”How long have you been practicing?What are your expectations and goals for the competition?How was your mental state going into the game today?””What challenges and differences have you experienced with ice sports compared to regular sports, and how have you taken steps to ‘get started’?””Are there any ice athletes you know or admire?What are your expectations for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics?””Have you planned your sports, study and practice in winter vacation?”In anticipation of the dry goods, I jotted out an interview outline on a phone memo before I left.Scenes, details, stories, and several key points suggested by department leaders, teachers and colleagues in the spotlight Room are repeatedly “circulating” in my mind. What emerges is the interview experience related to education reports in the past six months.I know very well that the “double reduction” is a campaign that concerns the entire education ecosystem. Parents, schools and all sectors of society have paid close attention to the results of the campaign over the past six months.System measures can really fall to the ground, the role of parents, schools, training institutions can really return to the standard, return to the fundamental task of Education, this winter holiday students can be said to be a “touchstone”.In my opinion, how to combine sports and sportsmanship with the implementation of the five education goals in the manuscript, and connect the enthusiasm of children at the time of the Winter Olympics with their holiday life conditions and the harvest brought by sports, is the key to “outstanding”.Although “cover to the thickest”, the cold of the snow resort still gave me a “Xiama Wei”, but the enthusiasm of the children, as Beijing children to meet the global guests “hero” attitude and enthusiasm for ice and snow sports let me forget the cold, into a “small story” and ice and snow encounter.In the interview, some children started to ski at the age of 3, some children wrote letters to the Greek ambassador who sent messages about the Beijing Winter Olympics, and some children have skied in almost all the snowfields around Beijing except for a few courses with “cat jump”.I don’t know much about some of the athletes in the Winter Olympics that the children are talking about. I feel that they embrace the ice and snow and welcome the Winter Olympics with enthusiasm.The slogan of the Winter Olympics, “Together towards the future”, is not also about the expectation of high quality education development for children?In my opinion, the cold spring grass-roots trip is indeed a test of physical strength and foot strength, while the interview Angle selection and article conception, polishing words, is also a training of mental and writing ability, it can be said that the effort is at ordinary times, the key is in the interview, the heart in writing.Only by combining with each other can we make the interview materials more vivid, more vivid, more dynamic and more detailed.