Tiger year said tiger this milk fierce milk fierce “tiger”, whose home?

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There is a rare silver official seal of the Qing Dynasty in Tianjin Museum. The button is “crouching tiger”. The “tiger” looks silly and fierce, which is very pleasing.In the eyes of the Chinese people, the tiger is born with a sense of kingly style and is the fiercest animal in the Chinese zodiac.Chinese people have been fond of tigers since ancient times. Tigers are a symbol of strength and power, as well as auspicious animals representing auspiciousness and peace.This natural attribute of the tiger has been favored by military generals since ancient times.Meng Ting, a staff member of the Tianjin Museum, said that nose, turtle and tile seals were common in the early days, while other types of animal seals were rare. It was not until the Ming and Qing Dynasties, when the seals were flourishing, that various kinds of animal, flower, bird and plant seals appeared in large numbers.In the Qing Dynasty, official seals were generally made of copper, while silver seals were rare and were mostly used by princes and nobles.According to historical records, in the Qing Dynasty, the silver seals of gong, Hou, Bo and first and second grade senior military attache and border ministers were mostly cast with tiger buttons.Silver seal is divided into Taiwan or not, to the number of Taiwan for its rank.Such as public, commander in chief, commander in chief for three, tianjin Museum collection of the commander in chief in Hubei officer silver seal is cast on the back of three tiger button.Governor hubei officer seal silver seal (front).The silver seal is 10cm high and 10.5cm long.The printing surface is square with wide edges, and the printing is in zhu script and engraved with both Chinese and Chinese characters, with a total of three calligraphy styles.The left is the Manchu seal script, the manchu regular script, and the right is the Chinese xiaozhuan “governor hubei commander official seal” two lines of eight characters.”Tiger Button for crouching tiger, well-proportioned, developed limbs, tiger tail bent on the back, looks like a folk cloth tiger, cute facial expression;Her eyes were still and thoughtful;There was a very clear king on the forehead.”The animal-cute look may have something to do with the prevailing aesthetic at that time.”Meng Ting said.Tiger button button right engraving Chinese regular script two lines: “Governor hubei officer official seal ritual department made”, button left full text script three lines of interpretation.The right side of the Chinese regular script “Xianzi No.9”, the left side of the “Xianfeng three Years April”.According to the information revealed by these characters, this silver seal was cast by the Ministry of Rites and was cast in the third year of Xianfeng. But why is there a name “Xianzi No.9”?”This is because in the Qing Dynasty, when casting official seals, they used the classic Thousand Characters.In the thousand-character Text, there are such classic sentences as’ The sea is salty, the river is light, the scales are hidden and the feathers are flying ‘. That is to say, this silver seal is no. 9 in the character ‘salty’, which is equivalent to the current batch number.”Meng Ting said.Governor hubei officer seal silver seal (seal).(Photo provided by Tianjin Museum) Who is the owner of this silver seal?”From all aspects of information, its owner was xiangrong, a general of the late Qing Dynasty, and it was a military seal in his marching operations.It’s heavy, it’s big, it’s not portable, it’s not practical, it’s symbolic.”Meng Ting said.Xiangrong, Sichuan Daning people, officials to Sichuan governor, Guyuan governor, Guangxi governor, Hubei governor (from a product), he awarded first-class light car Du Wei (is three product) hereditary, posthumous name “zhong Wu”.Governor hubei officer seal silver seal (side).(Photo provided by Tianjin Museum) Silver seals handed down from the Qing Dynasty are rare and very precious.”In our museum, in addition to the silver seal, there are two dragon buttons of the prince’s seal and toffee’s seal, which have important historical value for the study of modern Chinese history.”Meng Ting said.Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com