Xinghe County People’s Procuratorate: To optimize the business environment “server” with the Private Enterprise System as the Starting point

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Xinghe county people’s procuratorate closely around the superior about the working conditions of optimization under the rule of law to do business, study and formulate the “inspection companies to build” international prosecutors xinghe county people’s procuratorate package coupon working mechanism of private enterprises “, formulate package task allocation table of private enterprises, by eight line case prosecutors within the county on 22 package of key private enterprise, focusing on “three bases”,We will give full play to procuratorial functions, build a tight protection network for the business environment, ensure that the debate on “Optimizing the law-based Business Environment” results in practical results, further improve the healthy development capacity of private enterprises in providing services, and promote the development of enterprises in providing services on a regular basis.Based on the needs of market subjects, innovative service measures.County prosecutors took the initiative to send laws, policies, services and confidence to enterprises in the process of baolian’s visit, and made every effort to create a law-based business environment in the whole process of procuratorial work, the whole chain and all-round. They insisted on asking for needs from enterprises, listening to their appeals, and deeply understood the “urgent and anxious” problems of enterprises.At the same time actively about entrepreneurs focus on the hot issues and is closely related to the enterprise the latest laws and regulations and accurate help the healthy development of private enterprises, implement the law problem solving, good for the enterprise “the bartender,” do good “waiter”, help enterprise crime prevention, promote enterprise in the orbit of rule of law, with a more open attitude to provide prosecution service for economic development,We will improve the work of enterprises and security providers.County people’s procuratorate firmly establish a market economy body equal protection idea, find a proper breakthrough point for the service and focus, strengthen the “quick service”, to ensure the first time to help enterprises, further open enterprises demands “green channel”, actively dispute mediation to resolve enterprise, provide a reference for enterprise production and management, effective implementation proceedings before the contradiction resolving and dispute resolution,Make sure everything is answered and accounted for.At the same time, we will strengthen the construction of 12309 procuratorial service center, arrange special personnel to accept enterprises’ demands, transfer them to the business department for handling on the same day, timely track the progress, achieve fast flow and priority handling, and provide “one-stop and full coverage” procuratorial service for market subjects.Based on the procuratorial work function, form a joint force to protect the business environment.By visiting enterprises through baolian, the County Procuratorate has effectively connected the measures of providing accurate and efficient services for the healthy development of private enterprises with various procuratorial functions, and continuously formed a joint force to protect the business environment.In terms of criminal prosecutorial work, we will crack down on criminal crimes that infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in accordance with the law, fulfill the function of approving and prosecuting arrests, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and enterprise operators, strictly implement the criminal justice policy of “less arrests, careful prosecution and careful custody”, and punish enterprises with normal production and business activities and their responsible persons suspected of crimes.According to the law can not catch not catch, can not Sue not Sue, can not be sentenced to the actual punishment of the proposed application of suspension sentencing proposals, to avoid “do a case, break down an enterprise”.At the same time, it strengthened supervision over the filing, investigation and trial of cases involving private enterprises, and resolutely corrected the problems of failing to establish or investigate cases involving private enterprises, and illegally interfering in economic disputes and filing cases when they should not be filed.We will step up efforts to clear cases involving business managers who have been suspended for a long time, strengthen supervision over property-related compulsory measures, and protect the legitimate property of enterprises.In civil procuratorial work, the investigation and handling of false litigation cases involving private enterprises will be intensified to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises.Focus on interpretation and reasoning of cases involving private enterprises, and extend the content of legal services.In administrative procuratorial work, we have promoted substantive settlement of administrative disputes involving enterprises, strengthened supervision over administrative violations in accordance with the law, and effectively enhanced the sense of legal business environment for law-abiding business operators.In terms of procuratorial public interest litigation, we helped build a natural ecosystem that builds nests and draws wind, focused on the protection of ecological environment and resources, improved the working mechanism of environmental protection and ecological restoration based on procuratorial suggestions, guided enterprises to develop green, and protected the green waters and lush mountains.The rule of law is one of the best business environment, xinghe county people’s procuratorate will always adhere to the rule of law and the rule of law thinking way, help business environment construction of rule by law, promote the prosecutor package work mechanism, the full implementation of private enterprises, the safeguard and promote the healthy development of private economy in accordance with the law and crack the market main body reflecting the problem of plugging point, pain points and difficulties and improve working accuracy and timeliness,The high-quality development of procuratorial work 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