Yang Guofu is going to be listed. What about milk tea, steamed bread and duck neck?Latiao makes billions

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Article | | stream source business legend no can’t do, only believe.Malatang selling Yang Guofu will also be listed.Selling mala hot can also be listed?Many cried surprise.The so-called heroes don’t ask for a way out, especially in business. As long as the seemingly ordinary things can make a big business, they are business heroes and can become billionaires.Yang Guofu made malatang the first person.According to its website, Yang guofu now has more than 6,000 stores, not only on the streets across China, but also abroad.Moreover, Yang is a miracle in his own right.In the impression of many people, malatang is a variety of hot pot, many people’s first reaction should be from Sichuan or Chongqing and other Sichuan-Chongqing regions.In fact, Yang guofu is from Harbin, heilongjiang province, which is far from spicy.Yang Guofu is the name of the company’s founder.Yang Guofu was born in Bin County, more than 80 kilometers away from the urban area of Harbin. He was a native farmer. When he was 15 years old, he dropped out of junior high school and became a sheep herder.It was here that he first came into contact with catering and malatang for the first time.In particular, a nearby fast food restaurant selling malatang and other snacks, business is quite prosperous, to Yang Guofu left a deep impression.From 2000, Yang Guofu also began to sell malatang, initially not even a name, later called “Yang Ji Malatang”, until 2005, the official registration of Yang Guofu Malatang.Initially, Yang Guofu opened their own, relatives see good business, have also opened, are in the name of Yang Guofu brand, initially Yang Guofu let relatives use the trademark for free, later opened to join, the store opened more and more, to all parts of the country.In 2015, he moved the company’s headquarters to Shanghai.Today, Mr. Yang owns about 40 percent of Shanghai Yang Guofu Enterprise Management Group.Many people may have noticed that in Yang Guofu Malatang not far away, often can see another famous malatang brand – Zhang Liang.Two brands, such as shadow, is China malatang duopoly, shop number.What many don’t know is that Zhang Liang mala was founded by Zhang Liang, also from Bin County in Harbin, and it was once rumored that Zhang Liang was Yang Guofu’s nephew.Both men later clarified that Mr. Yang was Mr. Zhang’s cousin, indeed a relative, but not a close one.Zhang Liang said that he did malatang, the cause is to work, had been to Sichuan on business, eat the local food, like it very much.At the same time, he also admitted that the opening was influenced by Yang Guofu.Although not yet listed, Yang guofu is already known as malatang’s first stock.If the company goes public, he may become the richest man in Malatang.In recent years, people have found that many small things that are commonplace in daily life have suddenly become listed companies, and the first listed company is often crowned with “xx first share”.Some people can make snacks into a big business and marvel, some people doubt that it does not have much technical content, even can be listed circle money.What happened to the first shares?In 2021, more attention is paid to the first milk tea.Nai Xue’s tea was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on June 30.However, its performance is very general, the first day of listing, the issue price was 19.8 Hong Kong dollars/share, the opening at 18.62 Hong Kong dollars/share, down 13.53% that day, then, the reporter was unannounced, was exposed after the kitchen cockroach, fruit rot and other dirty mess phenomenon, the stock price continued to decline, now the stock price is only about 7 Hong Kong dollars/share.But that hasn’t stopped founders Zhao Lin and Peng Xin from making the list, with a fortune of 11 billion yuan in the 2021 Hurun Rich List.On October 12, 2020, Babi Food, which makes steamed buns and steamed buns, was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.Babi Was founded by Liu Huiping, a native of Anhui province, in a similar way to Yang Guofu.In his early years, he had a small business in many places, mainly selling steamed buns.After repeated battles and failures, he came to Shanghai, and after repeated business failures, he opened a “Master Liu big bag” on the busy Henan Road in Shanghai, from which he started.Babi Food performed well after its listing, rising 42.77% on the first day, and then trading eight times by the daily limit. In just one month, its share price rose from 12.72 yuan/share to 56 yuan/share. The latest share price was around 32 yuan/share, with a total market value of more than 8 billion yuan.On the rich list, Liu Huiping and Ding Shimei are also worth 5.5 billion yuan.Duck Neck’s first stock, Huangshanghuang from Jiangxi province, was listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in 2012.In recent years, has fallen behind the unique flavor of food, Zhou Black duck, fall to the third.The latter two are already on the market.The three companies have also produced a number of rich people. The latest fortune of Xu Guifen, founder of Huang Shanghuang, was 5.4 billion yuan.Both Juwei Food and Zhouheiya are from Wuhan, Hubei Province. Dai Wenjun of Juwei Food has a fortune of 12 billion yuan.Zhou Fufu and Tang Jianfang of Zhou Black Duck have a wealth of 9.7 billion yuan.A few years ago the birth of latiao, is also expected to soon usher in the first, it is wei Long.Although not listed yet, Weilong has produced two billionaires, namely Liu Weiping and liu Fuping brothers, with a fortune of 28 billion yuan each.The two are from Hunan and founded Weilong in Luohe, Henan province.Wei Long is not only the originator of Latiao in China, but also the undisputed leader.It is hard to imagine that they built a listed company out of seemingly humble things such as malatang, steamed buns, duck neck, milk tea and latiao, and became billionaires with wealth exceeding 10 billion yuan.What other surprises were the “first shares”?Yang Guofu Malatang submitted overseas IPO approval materials