Yuan Yang Town: “One Love, One Way” Rural road improvement boosts rural revitalization

2022-08-02 0 By

In the county’s “One Love, One Action” rural road voluntary service improvement activity, Yuan Yang Town holds the Improvement Week activity as an important measure to consolidate the achievements of the “Six Actions” of co-governance between urban and rural areas, guarantee and improve people’s livelihood, and effectively enhance the image of the town and village. It makes early response, arrangement, action and implementation.We will ensure the effective and orderly progress of the “One Love, One Way” rural road Voluntary Service Improvement Week.After the launch of the activity, Yuan Yang Town established a special leading group and refined the division of responsibilities. Party and government leaders conduct the work in the front line and section-level cadres conduct the work in the field. In order to report progress in a timely manner, supervise the work once a day and make arrangements twice a day, yuan Yang Town has formed a strong work promotion mechanism that links the whole work together and works well.In strict accordance with the requirements of “Wushan County” one love one for “Rural Road voluntary Service Renovation Week work plan”, unified standards, unified guidance, comprehensive use of purification, beautification, repair, cleaning and other ways, high standards, high quality to complete the renovation task.By the broad masses, county-rural cadres, party members, volunteers and public welfare post attracted many local volunteer team enthusiasts and other social forces to join actively, forming cadres to lead the dry, dry party members take the lead, volunteers to drive the stem, public welfare jobs active dry, crowds followed dry, put the thick atmosphere of wide participation in dry.According to the standards of clearing edge gullies, removing weeds, pruning branches, whole shoulder, clearing road surface and whole tree circle, 60.7 kilometers of rural roads in the town were renovated.At the same time, combined with street tree planting, village greening plan, beautiful village construction, on the road along the beach open space synchronous arrangement, repair tree circle more than 700, reserved small “green island” planting area more than 10, ready for the spring greening.