Anti-fraud Chen police officer: with the net red laugh line, Yang Elder brother thought he was a security guard, west factory father-in-law seconds

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Met Chen police officer, crazy young brother also dare not crazy propaganda against fraud Chen police officer was actually young brother as a security guard!What’s going on here?When receiving Chen police officer’s even mai invitation, young brother is also very arrogant at the beginning, not only many times interrupt somebody else talk, still think somebody else is stem security guard.Police officer Chen even Maixiao Yang elder brother net friend saw all shouted him “surrender”, or big Yang brother reaction fast, in the side of the silent Mimi said this is a police officer, young Brother this just understand.After learning the true identity of Chen police officer, Xiao Yang Ge Seconds, a ba a ba for a long time, a complete word can not say.In order to punish himself just impolite, he took out his own slap a few spot, that call a nervous and afraid ah!This does not matter, the result is also linked to the “sequela”.Later, young brother live again connected to other anti-fraud police officers, even thought that the other party is out to imitate Chen police officer, but also repeatedly with people, not only to read the name of the people’s area to the wrong, but also “insult” the other party is “selling tutorial”.Do not see the coffin does not cry, that the other party is a true police officer, Yang Elder brother again, repeatedly “confess”, and even nervous to regard himself as Big Yang Elder brother, call himself is “positive energy anchor”.To help publicize anti-fraud, Xiao Yang Elder brother also once appeared a slip of the tongue, the anti-fraud said fraud, let everyone download anti-fraud APP to learn “Z cheat knowledge”.In fact, Chen police officer scared meng anchor more than one young brother, literally pull out a scene, can be called the explosion of laughter.That sells simply the face of the anchor line to Police officer Chen, is the mouth can not live the door, not only self-reported, but also his sad love history are “recruit” out, naked eyes visible tension.The anchorman claimed that he had never done anything bad or committed a fraud in his life, and that the only thing he had ever said to his ex-girlfriends was, “You’ll find someone better.”There were only three people in the room, all of whom were his relatives, so we asked the “brothers” to pay attention to Chen.He explained that he is a regular manufacturer, selling flat noodles are legal compliance, in order to seek innocence, the young man on the spot to his mouth dazzle flat noodles, but also almost choked.He confessed everything, even the fact that he was ten years younger than his own face. No problem, he didn’t confess himself to Police officer Chen.Even the mask-selling anchors were scared incoherent by Officer Chen.Sell a goods also tried to distance himself from the buyer, claiming that he is absolutely not a fraud of the good people, are their own buyers “grab to buy”, there is absolutely no forced sale.But there are also very skin anchor, not only their own “confession”, but also “molested” from the Police officer Chen.Had to give Chen a magic scene, put on a show, but also let people across the screen to blow, Chen did, the results of the magic did not become, but also by the opposite male anchor space offered a kiss.Other anchors when connecting Chen police officer, are scared half dead funny appearance, the first time to see Chen police officer was anchor to the anti-” molesting “.The comedic effect of this wave of connection did enough, also borrowed the potential to publicize a wave of anti-cheating, with the people when the joy also has educational significance, wonderful ah!Chen police officer’s proud student, the west factory flower rain field anchor “rain field” the first time the connection propaganda against fraud Chen police officer, can be said to panic a horse, can be let the user experience what is called the ancient father-in-law also afraid of modern police.See Chen police officer, “plant flower” yuhua tian confessions, has been “absolutely good people” hanging in the mouth, back to the net friend staged the father-in-law to the police salute name scene.Police officer Chen even Maiyuhua tian he claimed that he is a serious funny entertainment anchor, never cheat, also did not ask for gifts, are “their own brush”, in order to protect themselves, broadcast room more than 3000 people he also do not want, willing to “throw people to the past”.When Chen promoted the APP, Yuhuatian looked like an elementary school student.Also said to help the old and the weak, to help the old lady across the road these things he often do, decent decent people, is absolutely the people of the good “father-in-law”.Even though he could not pronounce the name of the anti-fraud APP, he still promised Chen that he would help publicize the anti-fraud.After receiving the task of “superior”, west factory hua Yu changed the field to begin to work.Next but all he connected to the anchor, will be press the head “forced” propaganda against fraud, plant flower not only to do “emperor” side of the red, but also to do police officer Chen’s “right-hand man”.When I met the stubborn anchor, the plant was not angry, immediately took out the deterrence of the west factory father-in-law, gave these anchors a good lesson, but also earnestly advised each other to be a good person, do positive energy anchor.Meet still in the rebellious phase of the anchor, factory flowers do not say a dirty word to each other, if the rebellious anchor does not download APP, he will immediately read the machine body, today this APP if the other party does not download, he can be assigned to the morning.I have to say, we’ve been very thorough in our work for Officer Chen, we’ve been very respectful, we’ve done everything right, but there have been exceptions.Seeing can “cross” a female anchor, KPI can add a point, factory flower very happy.I didn’t expect this anchorwoman to do anything better than him, so she reversed the operation and did his job directly.Plant flower “career” very bumpy, to help Chen police propaganda against fraud, not only by others repeatedly “molested”, but also suffered a lot of “abuse” and makeup “attack”.Even more, not only to his propaganda against fraud knowledge as a deaf ear, but also take him that month old, let him help introduce objects, if not, she can also accept the plant flower.But our factory flower even if it is full of black lines, but also to its words to persuade.Small words said a set of a set, for Chen police officers to save a lot of force, “dedicated blessing”, “Chen police propaganda against fraud best auxiliary award” not awarded to our west factory flower rain field, how can not say the past!After yuhua Field so dedicated to publicity, it does make many network anchors understand the importance of anti-fraud, but also to implement the action, the anti-fraud APP has been downloaded down, it seems that the role of Xichang father-in-law is quite big.Police officer Chen online “extortion” small red sauce cross-dressing to see police officer Chen propaganda against fraud, do not shout a sentence “I am a good citizen” seems to say it is not past.West factory flower rain field from a good head, made a good example of the good people, but also have rebellious anchor police officer Chen seriously, first have young brother put him as a security guard, after the social youth put him as a senior cosplay player.Opposite these two social young young is really too young, not only do not know Chen police officer, but also in front of the real police officer did not have a proper form.But we Chen police officer gave young unlimited tolerance, that police officer Chen’s true identity, young received a smiling face and dare not do, call them absolutely good people, whether from the hairstyle or from the look of wearing, are serious “pure young anchor”.After dinner broadcast is also for “digestion”, although the brothers have “shifty eyes”, but as long as it is related to illegal things, they have not done anything.Apparently terrified, the younger brother not only sold his brother, but also called his father on the spot to persuade him to download an anti-fraud APP to help him “get away”.The two brothers were scared into this society are light, more funny still in the future, popular anchor red sauce connected to Police officer Chen, on the spot scared out of male voice, since the real gender.Just connect to Chen police officer, the red sauce also with cute cute female voice shouted a sentence “brother”, heard Chen police officer said “cross-dressing fraud” case, he instantly cracked, how all in their own.He immediately took off his cute wig, squatted down and pinched his ears. Instead of the usual adorable female voice, he used a rough male voice to “confess” to Police officer Chen.I could see that he was really panicking, crying and repeatedly admitting his mistake and slapping himself.Chen police officer is also in the course of even wheat experienced hundreds of battles, but it is the first time to see this scene, so meng to no, and even think that the other party is really cross-dressing fraudster.After receiving the propaganda task assigned by Police officer Chen, Chijiang and Father-in-law xichang yuhua Field had a dream linkage, and directly gave the factory flowers to “bengbu live”.Yuhua field PK red sauce he resorted to a move, the scene to the factory flower and netizens vividly publicized the anti-fraud APP, that set of action is very coherent, skilled heartache, a look at the private practice is not less.After conquering the cross-dressing red sauce, and “not male nor female” west factory father-in-law, we Police officer Chen put his eyes on the “Monkey King” body, after all, was deceived by tathagata pressure for five hundred years, this anti-fraud APP must be downloaded.When connecting to Police officer Chen, sun Wukong was so scared that he conveyed the words of the police officer to the monkeys in Huaguo Mountain.At the beginning, the monkey that saw jade Emperor and rulai were all throwing and rolling was eventually planted in the hands of police officer Chen, which made countless netizens laugh their heads off.Have to say, Police officer Chen’s power is still very big, in his efforts, many people have downloaded the anti-fraud APP, so that the victims will be deceived to reduce a lot, let us praise for Police officer Chen!The prosperity of the field: truck driver becomes a million Internet celebrities, after the death of his mother, show true man style from young fresh meat to uncle, Internet celebrity Jin Dawei’s plastic surgery failed history, in the end who is the “fault”?How did a Guangdong rain god become an Internet sensation after one song earned over 100 million yuan and his first live broadcast earned 30 million yuan