Auxiliary police Zhao Chuangsen: jade has the essence of light and power

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Xishan public security bureau patrol brigade, there is such a patrol auxiliary police, he looks ordinary, but in the ordinary post to write extraordinary achievements;He silently dedicated, but with action to fulfill the promise of serving the people heart and soul;Although his qualifications are shallow, but with youth and true feelings to write a song of dedication to protect peace……He is Zhao Chuangsen, who joined the police force in November 2018.With yearning for the cause of public security, unswervingly loyal faith, three years, Zhao Chuangsen in the closest contact with the masses of the police on the performance of duty dedication, regardless of wind and rain, never absent.As no. 60 patrol car auxiliary police chief, he took over every shift after the first thing is to clean, disinfect the vehicle, check the vehicle facilities and equipment, no details are omitted.In the process of patrolling and receiving and disposing of police, he always put the masses in mind, whether it is disputes, help or guard card point, school “three see”…He has been conscientious, dedicated to do the best, outstanding completion of various tasks.Zhao Chuangsen’s love for his own work and his true feelings for serving the masses have been affirmed by his comrades and won praise from the masses.”Nothing, this is my job” one day in May 2021, Zhao Chuangsen as usual with the police to carry out patrols to the ma Jie district.14:00 received 110 instruction: ma Street village Baohua road near the construction site of a more than 60 years old man covered with dust, suspected lost, please go to deal with!The police is the command, Zhao Chuangsen immediately rushed to the scene with the police, because the muddy and slippery mountain road, the police car traveled more than three kilometers to find trapped old people in the valley at the bottom of the mountain.Ask the identity information, the old man because of excessive shock and strong foreign accent, Zhao Chuangsen and the police can not accurately obtain the information of the old man, then decided to take the old man back to the police station, and then check.Seeing the old man walking difficulties, physical overdraw, emotional instability, Zhao Chuangsen took the old man on his back, from the slippery valley staggered up step by step, on the way fell several times, his legs were cut by branches.Back to the police station, after patient pacification, the old man’s mood slowly calmed down, but also successfully contacted his family.When the family arrived, they learned that their hometown was in Henan Province, their son was working in Kunming, and the old man had just come here recently. He had gone out for a walk at noon the day before yesterday and had not returned all night.”According to this, the old man has spent the night alone on the mountain, if not timely rescue, the consequences are unimaginable!Thank you too much police comrades, you put my relatives step by step back from the valley, but also injured, we are really too moved, this is the grace of life!”See the muddy, “tattered clothes” Zhao Chuangsen, the old man’s son choked up, tightly held his hands to thank him.He smiled. “It’s nothing. It’s my job.”October 13, 2021 was an ordinary day, but for Zhao Chuangsen, it was a thrilling day.At 19:30, Zhao chuangsen was about to finish his day’s work after filling in his work diary and was waiting for his colleagues to take over.Suddenly, in the intercom spread alarm: west hill 60 car, please immediately go to some guest house check a male suspicious personnel.Without delay, Zhao Chuangsen and the police on duty immediately wear equipment rushed to the scene, arrived at the designated place after knocking on the door, show identity, origin.Heard is the police, the man inside the house, refused to cooperate with the inspection, fiercely pushed them to the door and threatened: “who dare to come in stab him to death!”Then he raised the fruit knife and the auxiliary police confrontation.The police will immediately feedback the situation of the sub-bureau of the center.Soon, reinforcements arrived on the scene.Once again, the man did not open the door, and became very emotional, kept Shouting insults at the police.After the instructions to break the door, all police wear protective equipment, division of labor and cooperation.”Bang”, as the door was forced to open, the suspected man brandished a fruit knife and coat rack head on.Too late to think, Zhao Chuangsen raised his shield and rushed to the suspect to fight, the other side desperate resistance, repeatedly tried to stab Zhao Chuangsen.Zhao Chuangsen did not flinch, exhausted the strength of the suspected man to the corner, blocking his retreat, two police came forward to form a siege, Zhao Chuangsen shield dead pressure on the suspected man, until the police handcuffs control each other to loosen his hand.The suspect was successfully subdued and detained in accordance with the law…After dealing with all things, it is more than 1:00 in the morning, Zhao Chuangsen sat in the rest room to recall what just happened, the police on duty came up to him and asked him: “Afraid?””It’s an emergency. I can’t think of that much.”The comrade-in-arms patted his shoulder and gave a thumbs-up: “Brother, good job!”Zhao Chuangsen is a representative of the auxiliary police, their daily, seemingly ordinary and trivial – auxiliary police, take a walkie-talkie, drive off.With sunrise and sunset, shuttle in the streets, on duty.But a warning is a command, a race against time;The scene is the battlefield, and the battle of life and death is also their “daily”, in the hot sun, in the cold wind, every time the trials and hardships, no regrets, writing the meaning of loyalty, dedication.He was asked, why did you choose to be a patrol auxiliary?He said: “Patrol cars on the road, people can always see the police lights, heart feel a sense of security.”Over the past three years, he has helped the police properly handle more than 5,000 police incidents and helped more than 2,000 people.Because there is a “police” dream, auxiliary police face danger, brave and good fighting;The same full of blood, loyalty and responsibility;The same meticulous, patient, advocate for justice.Everyone’s life is only once, so it is very precious, the auxiliary police comrare-in-arms who come forward at the moment of crisis, they practice the original mission with action — when the party and the people call, regardless of life and death, without hesitation to stand up and rush up!Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)