Baota District belongs to Yan ‘an city of Shaanxi Province, which is the best production base of high-quality apples

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Baota district, shaanxi province, is home to yan ‘an municipal party committee and municipal government, city center, located in the north of shaanxi province, central shaanxi loess plateau hilly-gully region, known as “qin to area”, “plug throat,” said, because of high altitude, sunny, large temperature difference between day and night, special climate conditions, become the best in the high quality apple production base.The fruit is usually red, but it depends on the variety. The fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins and is one of the most commonly eaten fruits. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.It is rich in carbohydrates, pectin, a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, can metabolize heat, prevent obesity in the lower body, rich in dietary fiber, for the intestinal tract has a good role in promoting peristalsis, and in the prevention and relief of constipation is very obvious.Yan ‘an Chengxu Agricultural Technology Company was founded in 2015, the company address is located in Yan ‘an City, Chuankou Town Dangzhuang village, the main business: Yan ‘an apple fresh fruit, apple crisp, apple vinegar and other kinds of Yan ‘an local agricultural products intensive deep processing series products, business scope, vegetable planting;Tree planting and operation;Baota Fengguan Fruit Industry Co., LTD., located in Bolong Village, Chuankou Township, Baota District, was founded in 2018. Its main business scope: fruit selection, packaging, storage and sales. The company’s business scope includes:Apple vegetable sales, fruit sales storage, agricultural products sales storage, pre-packaged food and bulk food, agricultural production and operation related technical information services.County’s local specialties Yanan loess sentiment industry &trade co., LTD., the company is shaanxi co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of the group, was founded in 2009, mainly processing and sales of various counties at the regional and local specialty, huanglong is apple, YanChuan red jujube, millet, walnuts, appropriate pot of thick wine, oasis yellow rice wine and the grain variety, is a professional special local product company of shaanxi,Headquarters is located in shaanxi province baota district zaoyuan road amorous feelings street C, shaanxi yanan apple co., LTD., the company is the shaanxi fruit industry group co., LTD. Has a collection of breeding, scientific research, production, processing, shipping, sales for the integration of modern agriculture of state-owned enterprises, the company was established in April 10, 2014, the legal representative PangTianMing.Incubation service center, yan ‘an baota district live electrical business incubation service center, the center is located in the area on the south slope of figures, is to serve the government, enterprises and farmers, the construction of online public electricity service area of the fusion, and center to “yan I have an apple tree” public utility brand as the key, the depth of the integration of media products, talents, services and other resources,It provides technical support, live broadcast training, product docking, brand building and other derivative value-added services. The service center is located in the digital area, covering an area of 513 square meters, and is a public live broadcast place integrating online and offline services. It was built in October 2020 and put into use in a market-oriented way.