Chen Jon activity modeling seal god!A red dress back to ten years ago, thin as paper

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Over 40 years of Chen Jon did not suffer from age restrictions, her color state is getting better and better, it seems to be red qi nourishing people.Chen looked as beautiful as an 18-year-old girl in a red dress at the event.One of the reasons why Joan Chen’s style is full of charm is that her appearance level and body are superior. In the photo, her body is thin as a paper person, with the embellishment of bright color skirt, the whole person is set off white and slim. The smooth skirt type and obvious curve lines easily create a feminine charm.We found that Joan Chen’s activity style has been sealed god, she is too suitable for wearing red skirt.Jon Chen’s style is simple but not simple, with a lot of skills worth learning.It is the choice that goes up in match color above all already let modelling absorb eyeball enough, gules department regards modelling as mass-tone attune, wear an advanced feeling easily, do not have the least bit colourful vulgar feeling.The big red series that Chen Jon chooses is saturation is particularly high, won’t foil skin gloomy, most people can control to live, besides it is star.Chen Jon is very flexible choice whole body wears red, such wear build means really is too appropriate, easily show the arrogant feeling that gives big red.However, in the red collocation, there are a few points to note :01 tends to be orange and red.We can find that some red is not authentic, biased to the color of carrot red has a sense of cheap, if the choice of cotton material clothing combination, but will be incompatible.02 Choose a bright red tone.The atmosphere of the palace tone should be pure red, festive and warm, saturation is also on the high side, in the skirt template color match more suitable.Tips: Choose right color department just can foil skin fair-skinned, advanced sense color department is relaxed adorn whole collocation.2. Large square skin exposure all over the body is red collocation is too bright, look for a long time easy to produce aesthetic fatigue, so leave a certain skin exposure to wear is more appropriate, will be more advanced sense.The modelling collocation of Chen Jon used this exactly, visual effect is more relaxed, have proper administrative levels feeling, have the effect that decorates a figure obviously.We can look at the skin details of Jon Chen, it looks particularly advanced :01 oblique shoulder skin design.Flat shoulder is Chen Jon’s advantage, the oblique shoulder design of the skirt is just right to reveal this part, plus white smooth skin, beauty atmosphere is full.02 The skin range of long legs.Jon Chen chose a long distance from the bottom of the thigh skirt, wrapped in long white legs, this part of the skin is very elegant to show a woman’s charm.The reason why Joan Chen is so beautiful is that the skirt is relaxed and there is room between tight and loose. After all, too tight will be dusty, and too loose will be sluggish and bloated. Therefore, only her way of wearing can achieve the effect of body modification.Absent so winning qiao en can to wear red dress nicely, tend to be some small hold up all the details of the framework: 01 sleeves profile: you look closely, absent so winning qiao en sleeve with obvious drape design, plus details of fluffy hubble-bubble sleeve, from top to bottom of the extended range covering the most thick part of the upper arm, forearm appear fine,The sleeve’s sense of level profile increases the three-dimensional sense of modeling, and visually plays a thin and advanced effect.02 high waist line silhouette feeling: the feminine show cannot leave the proportion of big long legs and ying Ying a small waist, Chen Qiaodan’s red skirt well follows this point, let a person transfer the visual center of gravity to the top, so present is white fragrant shoulder and slender beautiful legs, unconsciously play the effect of raising the atmosphere.The red skirt modelling of Chen Jon sealed god, it is figure thin to go up lens good-looking level not only, more important is to learn to use collocation to foil a sense of charming atmosphere.We can see that Chen Jon in the choice of high heels when also under a lot of thought, instep high heels have a visual elongated leg type role, the achievement of the red beauty image.