Dashiqiao city to order suspension of magnesite enterprises to carry out joint law enforcement inspection

2022-08-03 0 By

For comprehensive air quality guarantee, and thorough going efforts to promote the comprehensive improvement of the magnesium industry, on Feb. 5, according to the in municipal party committee, municipal government about the work plan for high quality magnesite industry and city comprehensive treatment work leading group meeting demands of magnesium industry, dashiqiao government organize the relevant departments for closure magnesium enterprise joint law enforcement inspection operations.In enforcement action out personnel hundreds, divided into three groups, organized by the municipal government, yingkou economic development zone of south tower and so on various earthly evaluated integratedly to lead and organize the ecological environment, ministry, natural resources, emergency, public security, comprehensive relevant departments such as joint law enforcement, law enforcement, power supply branch of the city since 2018, ordered to stop business operations for magnesium the enterprises to carry out joint inspection,All magnesite enterprises that fail to complete the required procedures in accordance with the requirements shall be ordered to stop business, and the ordered enterprises shall be resolutely prevented from producing without permission.(Xu Xin photo) Reporter: Xu Xin editor: Ding Dong review: Li Zhengrong