Folk tale: Seeing the old woman talking to the pigsty, the wife decided to divorce her husband, the ending is thought-provoking

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During the Reign of Emperor Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty, there was a village in Donghua Town in the West Of Beijing with a family of three named Li. The old couple were very happy to have a son in their 40s, who was smart and fat. This was a great good thing, but the day always failed.Lao li head outside to the somebody else to toil, the old lady pigs at home life that call a bear in Pakistan, although the old couple had a hard work, but thought of his son, both of them are very happy, from time to time is contemplating together, the couple is have no culture, in this life can only be the case, but his son can get a good training, to get ahead in the future.In order to have a good moral, the couple specifically named son Li Cai, is hope can grow up to become useful workers, ferial li Lao li head for the wages of the son to buy this buy that, the heavy work in the home at ordinary times hard also never let son, the son of fear, the old lady belt at ordinary times, with little to son had a delicious good drink, lest too badly,The old couple’s goal is to do their best to encourage their son to study well.As luck would have it, the Li Cai age small, intelligent, read the book, the result is very good, but a little bit, in front of the old couple is very naughty, often speak no big or little, oil bottle down all don’t help at home, but also think parents should give him is to fully understand parents of hard, but the old couple didn’t care about, think of the child who may be younger,When I grow up, I know that I love people dearly. Now I can read books well.So the days when Li Cai just to seventeen or eighteen, read many books, attitude of parents is more and more bad, all day long stubborn MCE, Li Cai to school one day, king west village aunt sent Li Cai mother a bowl of dumplings, Li Cainian is also home to feed pigs, see aunt wang end a bowl of steaming dumplings immediately took it out, many thanks,Aunt wang see Li Cainian only don’t eat feel strange, so can’t help but ask, eldest sister-in-law Does your zha don’t eat, eat hot, Li Cainian embarrassedly say, such a good buckwheat dumplings we also eat a few times a year, I was left for my son to eat, aunt wang a listen to, so a large bowl, just out of the pot of delicious, you hurriedly eat, Li Cainian has also been said chan, eat a few,After Aunt Wang left, Li Cainiang hurriedly took it back to the house and covered it with a cloth for her son to eat.Li CAI after school, see the buckwheat dumplings on the chopping board, happy to end up eating, and then a look, only half a bowl, a few less, angry to his mother said, “who left the dumplings?Why only half a bowl, “Li Cainiang said to her son after hearing this, this is aunt Wang’s dumplings, I ate a few, did not eat much, Li Cainiang heard directly threw chopsticks, mouth said,” you are such a big person to rob my children to eat dumplings!”Li Cainiang looked at her son so very uncomfortable.Li is no human beings be used up in life, how about going to school, it has been a rectified in the days of imperial examinations, highest in order to let the son, the old couple early in the morning up clean, cook, cook, collect baggage baggage, wait to eat the duty, Li Cai dad took out to raise money to Li Cai around he keep on hand, save with flowers.Li CAI saw the broken silver in his hands and said angrily, “What can you do with this little money and save it?”Li Cainian heard, hurriedly put his father in his hands the jade bracelets off to family Li Cai, crying and said “the child the za Lao li’s house is the most valuable thing, however, was prepared to give you marry daughter-in-law, now you want to use the money to you first, and journey far, take more rest assured, if you really don’t have the money for you when, if I can in the past, you can remember to niang back!”Li CAI took it and put it in the bundle, thank you didn’t say a word, Li CAI dad with Li CAI said, “Son ah, if you take the exam, remember to write to mom and dad, mom and dad don’t want you for official, just want you to get by, if you don’t take the exam, you come back, we are looking for a separate livelihood,”Before the words were finished, Li CAI went back and scolded his father for not being able to speak. The old couple saw their son get angry and said nothing. After seeing their son walk out, li CAI knew there was no one there.The son raised to this, the old couple is also at the end, can enjoy the happiness can see the fate, this Li CAI heart is also have their own set, Li CAI thought that if he passed the exam, when a senior official, said his parents are to feed pigs, that would not be laughed to death, so the examination of the specified will not want them.Crazy is really no good thing, Li CAI all the way to think about the future of a better life, the results failed, failed in the exam, angry Li CAI put his anger on his father, that is his father crow mouth harm he did not pass the exam, he said unlucky words is his jinx, now did not pass the exam I also do not go back.After a few days of wandering in the capital, Li CAI became a bookkeeper in a pharmacy. His books were not in vain and his accounting was not good enough. After a period of work, Li CAI was caught in the eye of the owner of the pharmacy.Li just a listen to, touched the head, two eyeballs a turn, this is not the good thing that the sky falls a pie?Thinking for a moment, he blurted out a promise to the shopkeeper, who was also very happy and immediately asked Li CAI to go back and pick up his parents to have dinner together to discuss the matter of marriage. Li CAI was dumbstruck when he heard his parents.It had been several months since he went to the pharmacy to manage the accounts, and he had never thought about his parents. The shopkeeper wanted to see his parents. If he said his parents were feeding pigs, the marriage would be ruined.Normaller to finish listen to more love this child, called girl said Li Cai, see Li Cai look pretty good also, and will do zhang, the girl down the meaning of dad agreed to the marriage, also didn’t take long, Li Cai became the son-in-law, young couple days of moist, after six months also gave birth to the kid, normaller to see in their heart, smile in the mouth,He not only trusted the pharmacy to Li, but also gave him several inns to take care of.Li CAI’s life is gone, but where are his parents?It was also sad to say that the old couple had not received a letter from their son since he took the examination. They sent people to the capital to inquire about their son’s whereabouts for several times, but they could not find him. Old Li Tou, also anxious about his son, became seriously ill and became bedridden.One day, Aunt Wang went to li CAI’s mother’s house to see the old lady. She saw that the old woman’s hair was gray and her spirits were low. She said to the old woman, “Dear wife, isn’t your son in the capital?You go and see if it is, or not?”It would be better for me to go to the capital city to look for my son. “Then she packed her bags and left for the capital city. Finally she reached the capital city.The old lady carrying the bundle was walking when she heard a horse behind the roar of the past, while walking with a whip, passers-by are out of the way, hurt several passers-by did not stop, as if the road is his house, the old lady was not light, hurriedly asked passers-by, who is this man?Why are you so bossy?Passers-by listen, tell the old lady, you are a stranger?This man is not simple, is our capital overlord, the name is Li CAI, the business is big, do not know people, everywhere bully people, everyone calls him Li CAI, the old lady heard the name like her son, just saw the son and also like, whether good or bad, find someone first.Walked for a long time to li CAI door, knock on the door no one to, after a long time out of a servant, open the door to ask the old lady what, the old lady said he was looking for Li CAI, the servant up and down looked at the old lady, a tattered dirty looking for their master why, the old lady busy say from home, want to see Li CAI.After a while, Li CAI came out of the room. Seeing his own mother, li CAI stepped back in fear. The old woman saw her son, who she had been longing for all day.Why come here if you don’t feed the pigs well back home?”When the old lady heard this, she began to cry even more fiercely. She told Li CAI what had happened to her family one by one after Li CAI left. Li CAI didn’t even feel heartbroken when his father died.Li CAI’s face turned white when he learned that the old lady had come to seek refuge with her son.To his niang is a cold, “you see my business also do so big, you will only let others look down on me like this, you want to also can, don’t tell others you are my niang!”The old lady listened and thought, why hasn’t the son changed?Stop, find is good, don’t say don’t say!From then on, the old lady was arranged in the back yard to feed pigs, every day looking at her son daughter-in-law and grandson also dare not to speak to, life very humbled, looked at his grandson is the most uncomfortable running around in front of also can’t recognize a grandson, but Li Cai wife is pretty good, then saw the old lady is very fond of children, usually nothing will let the old lady down his son.Gradually Li Cai’s wife and the old woman became familiar with, one day, the old lady in the back yard to feed pigs, see home old sow a litter of pigs under the young ones, climb on the sow arch, arch, Li Cainian sad to the sow chanting, “didn’t you of good, you all my life all the children in your side, my children and grandchildren in my side I couldn’t Joseph, is built nie ah this!”Are chanting, Li Cai wife to find a lady to help with the children in the backyard, coming up she heard the old lady say, Li Cai wife heard paused, dare not believe Li Cainian, he ran and asked after a moment of Li Cainian just said is true, Li Cainian see also hide not to live at the moment, a direct account of how the old couple told Li Cai wife itself raised Li Cai,How to support his study, li CAI is how to rush for the examination never return.Li CAI niang see Li CAI wife hand jade bracelet said he was to Li CAI, Li CAI wife after listening could not believe his ears, she how also dont believe with their living this person is a liar, even his parents died lie can scatter out.After it broke, Li Cai wife will tell his father, to say the Li Cai father-in-law is a bright eye, the day will all the several shop in Li Cai tube back his pipe, Li Cai wife took Li Cai’s mother told her that you straighten straighten this son not good looking is not line, you by my side with your grandchildren, I’ll keep you.Li Cainian today’s virtue is also afraid of the future to see his son, daughter-in-law to follow and in-laws day moved to the city on the other side of the yard, leaving Li Cai, only an empty house and a job on his hands to eat, Li Cai cannot accept the gap, the day will find one wasted a tavern to drink, some people with grudges for a long time after a meal,No more was heard from the capital.Small make up words: GuanZi such as kill children well support nonsense, this paper Li Cai is the case, for no filial piety and righteousness Li Cai, parents have a great responsibility, hours of spoil as spoil, the true love for children, not do everything for your child, but to guide the children to do it ourselves, compliance with the method you use, the results of the training is faster let your child be unfortunate people.In today’s society, countless lessons tell us that the care and management of children, especially minor children, is very important. From the family level, it is necessary to strictly regulate and teach children to ensure their virtue and success.From the national level, in order to pass the red flag from generation to generation, the education of the young must be strict, the young is strong, the young is weak, the young is weak, the country is defeated!More important and more practical is: inertia, spoiled, laissez-faire, many children will become bad!Even crime!So we can say: spoil the child is harm the child!Finish story!Note: folk stories are also a form of communication of literature, do not link with feudal superstition, please pay more attention to the author, continue to enjoy the next folk stories!