How does lost Ark Steam share and use other people’s face-pinching data

2022-08-03 0 By

Lost Ark this game has 18 careers for players to choose from, and the game is the use of unreal engine 3 development, coupled with the Korean end game has always been the figure of beauty design, so the game face is also a great fun, recently the game has been online steam.Many players don’t know how to share and use other people’s face-pinching data.Xiaobian sorted out the following detailed information, to share with you, I hope to help you.First the player needs to pinch the face in the game and save, then the game pinch the face data will be saved to the path of the screenshot below, the player needs to open the folder, you will see the game pinch the face data file.The player needs to open it with a document and then change the English letters in the game.RUS for Russian, KOR for Hanbok, USA for USA.After setting and then save, players can be pinched face data shared between the server.Not only that, but now there are many websites on the Internet that share the data of face pinching of lost Ark. Players can find and use the data they like.At present, the game lost Ark does not have a domestic server, so when players connect to the server, it is inevitable that there will be offline, offline and other problems. It is suggested that players open QiYou and turn on acceleration.You can connect to the server in seconds, so that the server connection is stable.Can also do the game command quick response, very practical.The above content is the way to share and use other people’s face pinching data in the Steam version of the lost Ark game, hoping to be helpful to players who like to pinch their faces.