Huai ‘an Xiang Sheng Geely vision cash discount up to 0.75 million yuan, welcome to the shop inquiries!

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The latest preferential strong attack Huaian Xiang Sheng Geely vision cash discount up to 0.75 million yuan, interested friends can enter the shop to consult to buy, welcome to the shop inquiries!Huai ‘an Xiang Sheng Bo Run Geely auto five-star after-sales service station, more value extended warranty products for your choice, so that your car more a guarantee, buy a car more secure, warmly welcome you to the store deguang!The new vision has a sleeker, younger exterior, a more luxurious interior, and inherits the original 1.5L engine for better fuel economy.On the front bumper, a thick and long chrome trim is used to connect with the square openings on the left and right sides for a stronger overall feel.The rear of the new vision has a new design, with a distinct layering of the rear and chrome trim running through the taillights on both sides, creating a wide-body style.In this vision upgrade, the biggest change is to upgrade the brake system of the old model from the drum type to the front ventilated disc type. Although the disc type brake has a slight gap, it is better than the drum type.Also, the front McPherson + rear torsion beam is a common suspension type in this class.Variable CVT or 6 speed dual clutch.In terms of chassis, vision is built based on T1X platform and adopts suspension system of MacPherson front suspension and E-type multi-link independent rear suspension, which does a good job in supporting the vehicle.And CVT continuously variable transmission.CVT continuously variable transmission.