“Inquiry new rules” to hit the number of new institutions under the group price net lower

2022-08-03 0 By

Since the beginning of this year, a total of 14 enterprises have been issued and listed on the science and technology Innovation Board.Securities times reporters noted that when the 14 enterprises online inquiry, an average of 416 institutional investors participated.This year alone, an average of 429 institutional investors participated in the inquiry since the introduction of the new rules on inquiry registration until the end of last year.Before that, the average number of institutional investors involved in the science and technology innovation board net inquiry is about 500.That translates to about 16% of institutional investors leaving.For some investors to exit the reasons, the interviewed people told reporters that, on the one hand, the phenomenon of new shares break more and more frequently, hit the new yield has declined;On the other hand, the difficulty of online ipo listing has increased a lot, the listing rate has decreased, and some investors who lack pricing ability have begun to leave.Source: Flush Financial Research Center