Jurgen Klopp is both happy and helpless as Inter smirk in the Africa Cup of Nations final against Liverpool

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Liverpool Derby in Africa Cup of Nations final!Egypt, led by Abdeslam Salah, took on Cameroon in the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations at 3am On February 4.In the end, the two teams were determined after a brutal penalty shootout, in the penalty shootout, Cameroon players Mukudi, Cilic, Ngiye missed penalties.Egypt beat Cameroon 3-1 on penalties to face Senegal in the Africa Cup of Nations final, where Salah will face Liverpool team-mate Mane.Liverpool’s official website posted a poster congratulating Salah and Mane after seeing their two key players lead their respective teams to the African Cup of Nations final with the caption: “Mane and Salah for Africa Cup 2021. So proud of you both.”Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp must be happy, but also a little frustrated, after the two key players led their respective national teams to the final of the continental championship.I am happy that my love will be able to excel in the international competition.Unfortunately, salah and Mane, the two Liverpool stars will face a huge physical test after nearly a month on the pitch for their country.The reds now face a crucial champions League knockout battle against Serie A champions Inter milan.Salah and Mane will fly back to England together immediately after the Africa Cup of Nations final on February 7.The pair will then play two Premier League games in just 10 days, as well as the champions League quarter-final first leg away to Inter milan.With those three games in mind, salah and Mane will have played 10 games in 35 days, and the weariness of Liverpool’s two core players on the road is understandable.As everybody knows, injury is always love when the players the most tired, if in the next three games (two African cup final, as well as the premier league fixtures), salah and horse once appear, the injury of two people, for Liverpool is quite large, the impact will also affect at the row of strikers.If either salah or Mane is out of action against Inter, or is not fit, then the underachiever nerazzurri will be in a better position to win the champions League knockout round.Inter fans will be happy to see salah and Mane join forces in the Africa Cup of Nations final.