Kunming forest fire brigade stationed in chuxiong Prefecture forward garrison

2022-08-03 0 By

Yunnan Network news (reporter Zhang Marui correspondent Zhang Ruikun Shen Zehong) On February 16, according to the unified deployment of yunnan Forest grassland fire prevention and control headquarters office, Yunnan Forest Fire Brigade Kunming detachment of 50 fire rescue personnel stationed in Chuxiong.At 11:00 a.m., the welcome ceremony of kunming Forest Fire Brigade stationed in Chuxiong Prefecture was held at huazhu Road garrison point in Chuxiong City.It is understood that Chuxiong Prefecture is one of the key areas of the province’s forest fire prevention and control task is very onerous and arduous.Send current conditions are garrisoned by former is the province’s forest fire team refers to, the provincial forest fire corps to cope with the spring severe fire situation, the important measures to curb major workplace forest fires, and forest fire control team build centralized deployment, regional linkage, rapid and efficient rescue “mobile power protection pattern, effective control of specific actions on major security risk.Kunming forest fire detachment division marshal xiao-zhong li said, will give full play to the forest fire team “on a line, beginning with” professional team, team, focus on the “one main and two auxiliary functions” mission, based on “whole area mobile” task oriented, further strengthen the scientific and efficient, professional precision rescue capabilities, do smell that is dynamic, rapid response,To serve the overall security and development of Chuxiong Prefecture with practical actions.