MAO so-and-so was approved for arrest

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On March 31, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate released the 16th batch of typical COVID-19 cases handled by procuratorial organs nationwide in accordance with the law.MAO, who seriously violated the prevention and control regulations and caused the widespread spread of the epidemic, was included in the case.In July last year, MAO took a bus to Yangzhou from Nanjing, where the epidemic was severe, concealed his itinerary and went to a chess and card parlor, causing the spread of the epidemic in Yangzhou.Recently, MAO was arrested by the procuratorial organ approval.MAO did not believe that he could be infected and did not listen to the advice of friends and relatives for four consecutive days in Yangzhou playing cards and shopping. In the case published by the Supreme Procuratorate, it is clear that: From July 16 to 20, 2021, MAO repeatedly played cards in a chess room in Lu Kou Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing, along with a number of cleaning staff at Nanjing Lu Kou International Airport.On July 20 of the same year, Nanjing issued the Notification of novel Coronavirus Positive Tests at Nanjing Lukou International Airport, requesting the organization of nucleic acid tests and the public’s support and cooperation.MAO heard the speaker in the community and received a call from her neighbor reminding her to do nucleic acid, but she thoughtlessly thought that she could not be infected with novel coronavirus, so she did not go.In the middle of each month, MAO travels to Yangzhou to reimburse her mother’s medical expenses and buy medicines.On July 21, MAO could not leave Nanjing for fear of the serious epidemic. She took a bus to Jiangning Bus terminal at 6:40 on the same day. After the temperature was measured and the Sukang code was registered, she left Nanjing by bus at 8:40 and arrived at yangzhou western passenger transport hub at 10:00.After checking her ID card, health code, travel code and temperature measurement, MAO was left by the station staff for further verification, and was informed of yangzhou’s epidemic prevention and control requirements. At the same time, she signed the Letter of Commitment, which said “people from medium-high risk areas should report to the community where they live”.Later, MAO so-and-so took a bus to yangzhou Hanjiang District some district its elder sister home.At noon on the same day, MAO’s neighbors and classmates called to inform her of the serious COVID-19 situation in Nanjing and to remind her to take a nucleic acid test as soon as possible.However, MAO was not impressed and went to a chess and card room in Yangzhou to play for three hours in the afternoon without wearing a mask.The room also did not take preventive measures such as wearing masks and taking temperatures.On July 22, MAO had a runny nose and a mild fever, but still did not take protective measures and went to the chess room to play cards.The Yangzhou Headquarters issued a notice on THE prevention and control of COVID-19 in Yangzhou at 17:00 on The same day, requiring people who have traveled to and lived in medium-and high-risk areas in Nanjing since July 6 to report to the community and take nucleic acid tests immediately. The notice was released on TV, newspapers, tiktok, wechat and other media.On the same day, Gao, who played cards with MAO at a chess room in Nanjing, was confirmed to be COVID-19 positive.On July 23, MAO continued to go shopping and play cards without taking protective measures.At 12 o ‘clock on July 24, MAO’s husband sent a message to her via wechat that there were confirmed cases in a community in Nanjing where they lived, which had been adjusted to a medium-risk area, and the community had been closed at 18 o ‘clock on July 23.MAO did not report to the local community in Yangzhou as required, nor did she take nucleic acid tests. She continued to go to the chess room to play cards, go shopping and eat, and did not wear a mask during the period.On July 25 and 26, MAO had a fever and was resting at home.At 14:9 on July 27, yangzhou police received a report from the informed public, together with the local community in Yangzhou to find MAO, and went to the community health station for questioning.At 14:46 on the same day, MAO went to a community health station to see a doctor because of her worsening condition, saying that she had a fever and needed to be treated with water.The staff of the health station refused to accept the patient with fever according to the regulations, and told MAO that she needed to go to the fever clinic of a regular hospital for medical treatment. At the same time, they asked Whether MAO was the relevant person that the community was looking for, which MAO denied.Later, MAO went to Yangzhou Friendship Hospital on her own. On the way, she received phone calls from the police and the DISEASE control department for many times, but did not answer questions or hang up the phone.At 15:00 on the same day, MAO deliberately concealed her travel history in the medium-risk area of Nanjing, falsely claiming that she had arrived in Yangzhou from Nanjing one month ago, and denied having fever, cough and other symptoms when being questioned by hospital staff.After the police learned that MAO was in the Friendly Hospital, they immediately went there to control him and asked him about his 14-day activity track and contact history, but MAO did not truthfully tell them.MAO refused to cooperate with the investigation for many times and had a high risk of infection, so she was transferred to yangzhou No. 3 People’s Hospital for isolation.MAO was diagnosed with COVID-19 on July 28.During this period, the public security organs questioned and interrogated MAO for several times, and he did not fully confess his activity track and contact history until the fourth time of interrogation on September 13.The prosecution’s arrest of MAO, who was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, led to the closure of Yangzhou Friendship Hospital and isolation of a large number of medical staff.According to the investigation, 169 close contacts and 570 sub-close contacts of MAO have been quarantined, and 70 of them have been confirmed. The local government has spent a lot of manpower, material and financial resources on epidemic prevention and control.MAO’s behavior seriously jeopardized the epidemic prevention and control order in Yangzhou, resulting in a bad social impact.On July 29, 2021, the public security organs placed MAO on file for investigation on suspicion of committing a crime.Yangzhou HanJiang district procuratorate immediately early intervention in coordination with the public security organs, provincial, city and district procuratorate integration case, to guide the case investigation, collecting fixed crucial evidence, at the same time active role and in accordance with the law and help the relevant departments to strengthen the management of the chess room and other places, related regulations, compaction operator’s social responsibility, plug up loopholes in epidemic prevention and control.On August 17, the public security organs took compulsory measures to monitor MAO’s residence.On February 15, 2022, the public security organ changed MAO’s compulsory measures to criminal detention.On February 21, the public security authorities requested his arrest on suspicion of hindering the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and on February 27, the procuratorial organs approved his arrest.Source: Supreme People’s Procuratorate, modern Express editor: Zhaoyue Lai Ting audit: Zhang Jiawei Shaanxi Provincial Health commission tips: not necessary not to go out of the province!Shaanxi disease control latest tips!Baoji: Resume in-school meals, schools resume offline teaching advertising business cooperation: 18691889892 Abide by epidemic prevention regulations!