Newcastle v Everton, Stoke city v Swansea, Burnley v Manchester United and Inter v roma

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Parmelas vs Cairo parmelas 0-1 and 0-0, the two sides met in the last World Cup third-place tie, when the two sides were locked in a match on time, so expect them to draw again on time.West ham v Watford, west ham have a chance to return to the top four with a win.West Ham have won their last four games against Watford and have the know-how;Watford’s form is no better, with serious problems still showing up up front.Newcastle united are unbeaten against Everton. Newcastle united are unbeaten in three consecutive premiership games and have picked up five points in that period.At present, Newcastle are only one point behind Norwich with one less game, and it can be said that landing is just around the corner.Newcastle have won every game against Everton in the past and have the psychological advantage.Stoke city vs Swansea are unbeaten. Stoke City, who were relegated to the Championship in 2017-18, have not changed much this season;Swansea, who had just bounced back to snap a losing streak, were slightly better in terms of morale;The current trend in the statistics is also a bit more positive for Swansea.Unbeaten fulham v millwall fulham, averaging more than two goals, goals fulham game lost the ball less than one, they obviously has the advantage, fulham last eight times in the face of millwall only one battle, there are five war won victory, has great psychological advantage, Asian data in initial still to fulham – 1.5, is the most powerful concessions,After all, the gap between the two teams of 21 points, support greater confidence.Burnley vs Manchester United, Manchester United have bounced back from unbeaten runs in the Premier League to finish in the top four.Burnley have been on a losing streak in recent times;Manchester United have won their last three meetings with Burnley and have the psychological advantage.Inter won 3-6 and 1. Inter have won their last two games against roma, scoring 3 goals in each of their two wins, and the players must have a lot of confidence in inter’s success.