Nicole Kidman’s midriff-baring miniskirt, 54, has sparked controversy online

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Midriff-baring dresses, miniskirts, are these clothes just for young people?Can people over 50 wear them?Nicole Kidman, 54, has an answer to the question.Nicole Kidman recently posed for the cover of Vanity Fair, an American culture, fashion and political magazine. The 54-year-old Hollywood star wore a midriff-baring top and a miniskirt for the shoot.At 5 ’80 “, Kidman is extremely tall in this outfit, which almost shows off the best aspects of her figure: her legs are long and her abdominal muscles are clearly visible.The magazine chose “Eden” as the setting, nicole Kidman in this colorful world of glamourous!Nicole’s outfit, supplied by Miu Miu, is for spring 2022.The top looks like a part of men’s pants, and the skirt looks like a cut-out of men’s pants.The fabric is neutral, but it looks amazing on Nicole!Paired with medium tube socks in the same color, the 54-year-old instantly became a hottie in her teens and 20s.However, the photos have also attracted criticism online, with some fans even claiming the photographer used digital technology to alter Kidman’s appearance.One fan wrote on Twitter: “Nicole has a great body, but it’s not her body.She doesn’t even have that body type, why are they using Photoshop?””They’ve photoshopped her image and it’s very obvious,” read another tweet.Others disliked the image, saying Vanity Fair used Photoshop to destroy Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz.Another said: ‘Nicole Kidman has a great body but now we have to show our respect for her as an actress through Photoshop?’In addition to questioning the authenticity of the photos, netizens also took issue with Nicole’s style and wardrobe in the shoot.”Anyone who chose this image for the cover should be ashamed of themselves,” one fan wrote.While there were many negative comments online, others liked the cover.One supporter wrote on Twitter: “Nicole Kidman looks great, I love The cover, I love her as Joanna in The Stepford Wives, she looks even better now.”Another fan agreed, adding: ‘You’ve made Nicole Kidman’s Stepford Wives look like a joke and look at her photo shoot in Vanity Fair now…She was really ahead of her time.”Others supported her choice of the outfit, saying midriff-baring and miniskirts should not be reserved for “youngsters” and should be worn by anyone of any age as long as they have a good figure.Vanity Fair paid tribute to Nicole Kidman: The Riccardos star has held the keys to Hollywood for decades, and her recent role as Lucille Ball earned her her fifth Oscar nomination.Nicole Kidman has appeared in more than 80 films and TV shows in her 40-year career, but despite that, Kidman says she treats each role as if she was fresh out of drama class.Perhaps it is because she takes each role with the most serious attitude and the most professional acting skills that she has been famous in Hollywood for nearly 40 years!She made a lot of effort to keep fit.She’s nearly 54, but judging by her abs, she’s been to the gym a lot.With her figure and face intact, there’s nothing wrong with the 54-year-old wearing midriff-baring dresses and miniskirts. She should be confident, don’t you think?