Too warm blooded, China women’s soccer 6-5 Japan into the final, Wang Shanshan absolutely flat + kill, Zhu Yu 2 saves point

2022-08-03 0 By

Women’s Asian Cup semi-final, China women’s football team against Japan women’s football team, finally, we beat the opponent 6-5, head into the final, too passionate.Captain Wang Shanshan absolutely flat + kill, Zhu Yu twice saved the penalty.In the final, The Chinese women’s football team’s opponent is South Korea.The two teams drew 1-1 in regular time.In the first half, The Japanese women’s soccer team opened the scoring, riko Ueki scored.After just 58 seconds, China equalized with Xiao Yuyi’s volley from Wu Chengshu.In extra time, the two sides each scored a goal, the Japanese side of the goal or Ueki Riko, and the Chinese women’s football team is the captain Wang Shanshan stepped out.This game, because wang Frost suddenly sprain foot can not play, Shui Qingxia guidance was adjusted, even the captain Wang Shanshan pulled to the center of the position, she is still very good performance.Also, she can step up and score goals when she is needed most.In the 118th minute, the Chinese women’s soccer team was about to be eliminated.As the captain, Wang Shanshan stood out, received zhang Xin’s wonderful pass, in front of the shot, reflected a striker’s sense of smell.Wang Shanshan’s performance, and did not end, she absolutely flat, and staged a kill.The two sides of the penalty shootout, The Japanese women’s football team took the first penalty, they made 3 of the 5, while the Chinese women’s football team made 3 of the first 4, only need to make the fifth, will be the winner.The finale was Wang Shanshan, who withstood the pressure and steadied the ball into the gate for a 6-5 knockout.The Chinese women’s soccer team celebrated and got a second ticket to the final.In addition to Wang Shanshan, the second credit should be goalkeeper Zhu Yu, she not only played steady, let the opponent only scored 2 goals in 19 shots, but also saved 2 penalties in the final shoot-out, great.This is a war of blood absolutely, will sonorous rose spirit, show incisively and vividly.