“Warm Orange” safe waiting

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The 40-day Spring Festival travel rush is drawing to a close.Around the Spring Festival of 2022, many staff in uniforms of various colors stand firm at stations and railway stations, exchanging their sweat for smiles of passengers returning home.Guangming network launched a series of posters titled “Spring Festival Travel to the grassroots · Spring Festival Travel Stories” to tell their stories.Orange is a cheerful, lively and enthusiastic color. It also makes people feel warm.During the Spring Festival travel rush, sanitation workers and various technical support personnel wear orange coats, giving orange a warm color with a sense of security.Let’s take a look at how they protect the Spring Festival travel rush in orange uniforms.From the evening of February 6 to the early morning of February 7, 2022, the Regional Comprehensive Management Office of Hankou Railway Station in Jianghan District of Wuhan organized scientific dispatch of 410 mechanical and traffic protection personnel to remove snow and ice and ensure the safety of passengers.It is reported that about 530,000 passengers arrived at Hankou Station during the Spring Festival holiday, an increase of 130 percent compared with the same period last year.On January 28, 2022, shaanxi once again usher in cool weather, snow of xi ‘an bureau of China railway group co., LTD. Xi ‘an train staff with snow to make, the high-speed rail switch of tube frost snow removal, cleaning after daub fangdongye, prevent bad switch effect caused by ice and snow accumulation, to ensure that each column the emu running smoothly during the Spring Festival.On The spring day of February 4, 2022, The Nanyang Engineering Section of Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., LTD of China Railway Organized the first-line Party members’ commando team to replace the damaged turnout center and basic rail of No. 9 turnout in Dengzhou Station of Jiaoliu Line by using temporary skylight points.At 16:30, the order of skylight point was issued. According to the operation plan of replacing the switch center, 24 party members and workers in the Workshop of Dengzhou line in this section cut the old switch center and rail quickly, then pulled out the switch, and pushed the new switch center and rail into place and dialed into the line trough.Through the overall operation of rail drilling, parts installation, turnout center locking, rail surface grinding, quality testing and other work processes, orderly, to ensure that the overall update switch installation adjustment to the best state.After 120 minutes of joint efforts, the emergency repair task of line safety was completed comprehensively, and the hidden dangers of equipment were eliminated in a timely and effective manner, providing a strong guarantee for the safety and stability of train operation during the Spring Festival Travel rush.During the Spring Festival travel rush, railway departments organized technical personnel to use ground inspection and uav line inspection to investigate hidden dangers and build a solid defense line for railway transport safety during the Spring Festival travel rush.In order to ensure the railway safety during the Spring Festival travel rush, Nanyang Works Section of China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has intensified the flaw detection inspection of seamless rail switches during the cold winter to effectively prevent and control risks and eliminate potential safety hazards.On February 7, 2022, the section of inspection and monitoring workshop organized 10 flaw detection personnel according to the flaw detection operation plan, using the skylight point, using ultrasonic rail flaw detector to carry out all-round flaw detection on 14 groups of switches in Nanyang West Station of Ningxi Line, strengthen the analysis, check and accurately check the hidden danger of the fork rail.The detection process found no. 112 “throat” turnout 1 injury parts, through verification and verification, accurate analysis, confirmed the curved tip rail bottom transverse crack, immediately inform nanyang west line workshop at this place of the injured tip rail replacement, effectively ensure the safety and smooth line equipment during the Spring Festival.Responsible editor: Wu Xiaohui Source :57 Guangming network