Who wins, Nuclear deterrence or information fraud?Behind the fighting in Ukraine

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How does the United States play?”President Biden has been very clear that there are huge costs for Russia,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told ABC’s This Week program.So if Russia doesn’t invade, it’s not that they’re not going to do it, it’s just that the sanctions are working.”See?Pelosi’s message: If Russia uses force, it’s Biden’s masterplan.If Russia pulls out, Biden gets credit for stopping it.In short, president Biden is a wise man and the U.S. government is sure to win.So how should the US perform after Russia’s withdrawal?About 150,000 Russian troops continue to “surround Ukraine,” Biden said Thursday, adding that the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine remains “very high,” adding that “we have not confirmed” the withdrawal of Russian troops.Biden told reporters at the White House on Monday that Russia had not withdrawn troops from the Ukrainian border and that the United States had reason to believe that Russia was conducting a “false flag operation” so That Moscow could justify an “invasion.””Everything we have indicates that Russia is ready to invade Ukraine…My sense is that it could happen in the next few days.”Biden added that he had no current plans to speak with Putin.On The 18th, Biden reiterated his belief that Russia had decided to invade Ukraine and even predicted that war would break out within a week.Biden stressed that if Russia takes military action before February 24, it will close the door on diplomacy.See?Biden thought to himself: You Putin just pulled out?Call me Biden, where is that face?Don’t you mean to be right with me?Say you invade, you invade.Keep it up! Don’t let it down!Remember the 24th.Washington, Feb. 17 (UpI) — The United States urged Russia to make a statement that it will not invade Ukraine and back that statement by withdrawing its troops, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said at a U.N. Security Council meeting on Monday.”If Russia seeks peace, the Russian government can make a clear statement to the world today by unequivocally declaring that Russia will not invade Ukraine,” he said.Blinken also said he has asked Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to meet with him next week in Europe to continue efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the Russia-Ukraine issue.On the same day, According to Reuters, the U.S. State Department said Secretary of State Blinken had accepted an invitation to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov later next week if Russia did not “invade” Ukraine.Secretary blinken has accepted Russia’s offer to meet with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on February 23, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said February 19.23 That date was set by Russia, psaki added, “if they don’t invade Ukraine.”See?Blinken stood firmly for Biden.He does not believe that Russia will withdraw, he demanded that Russia issue a non-invasion statement.Blinken apparently offered Russia an invitation to a meeting, but said he would accept it if Russia sought peace.In effect, the request for a statement from the Russian side made acceptance of the invitation conditional.The implication was that if he had met his Russian counterpart in Europe, it would have given the international community the impression that Russia had agreed to make a statement.If there is no Russian statement, then Russia is backtracking.That’s a good combo.The sound of Ukrainian guns firing into Donetsk as Blinken spoke seemed to fit his vision of a Russian invasion, but it was the Authorities in Kiev, not Russia, who implemented blinken’s vision.It is highly likely that Kiev’s attack on eastern Ukraine was instigated or even forced by the United States in order to induce Russia to use force.Russia had announced the end of the exercises.Europe breathed a sigh of relief, the world breathed a sigh of relief, and the US simply did not let it.Mr. Biden disagreed that Mr. Putin would end this without firing a shot.This is not a matter of face, but that America’s purpose has not been achieved.European capital has not yet fled a large number of Ukraine fled after Russia’s withdrawal order signs of capital return, the already volatile stock, currency and futures markets began to stabilize.Inflation in the US is still rising and the Fed has yet to announce a rate hike.On February 18, the expiration date of the entitlement spending bill passed by the Senate last December, the U.S. government is again at risk of a shutdown as the two parties in Congress fail to agree on a new funding extension.Therefore, the fire must continue to arch.We see the bullying of American politicians everywhere.Russia requires the United States to make the commitment of NATO not expanding eastward, which is based on the fact that NATO’s eastward expansion has been threatening Russia’s security.The U.S. military and NATO are deploying weapons almost close to the Russian border, and Russia’s security is indeed threatened.The US demands that Russia make a statement not to invade Ukraine, not based on the fact that Russia has invaded Ukraine, but on the lies made up by US politicians.Instead of invading Ukraine, Russia has withdrawn.That’s a serious asymmetry!2. How does Russia respond?In one fell swoop, it debunked rumours and mocked the ineptitude of America’s western intelligence agencies.After the withdrawal, expel American diplomats.Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Monday dismissed the US embassy’s deputy chief, Maria Gorman, saying it was a response to Washington’s expulsion of its minister counsellor in the US.It’s late revenge, not not revenge, but choosing the right moment.Open the dialogue with the United States to the world.Also on the 17th, THE US Ambassador to Russia Sullivan received a written reply from Russia to the US and NATO.The Russian side released the text of the reply, which shows that the US side ignores the package nature of the Russian proposal and selectively “distorts” issues that benefit itself and its Allies.The “Russian invasion plan” played up by the US and its Allies is nothing but conjecture. Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine’s internal conflict, and only by implementing the Minsk Agreement can the issue be resolved.The deployment of Russian troops on Russian territory is unlikely to affect the fundamental interests of the United States.If Ukraine is accepted as a member of NATO and tries to “take back” Crimea by force, or involves THE United States and NATO in a direct armed conflict with Russia, it will have serious consequences.Insist that the United States withdraw all troops and weapons from central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic states.China is ready to explore the feasibility of mutual verification with the US of the aegis land-based system in Europe and a series of facilities in Russia.If the US and its Allies are unwilling to provide legally binding guarantees of Russia’s security, Russia will be forced to respond, including through military technical measures.”If there is as much secrecy as our colleagues in Washington and Brussels want, public opinion will be filled with the lies and blatant propaganda that now fill the information space,” explained Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister.This is apparently aimed at the United States in response to Russia’s two security draft asked Russia to keep secret said, the purpose of secrecy is to leave room for rumors.Russia’s public reply was used to debunk the rumor for the second time.The contrast between openness and secrecy makes honesty and hypocrisy clear.Who will bear the responsibility if the failure of negotiations between the US and Russia leads to military action?The eyes of the masses are clear.To the United Nations.On The 16th, the war that Biden expected did not happen.Bizarrely, the next day local forces in eastern Ukraine accused Kiev of firing mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and other attacks on local settlements.Russia sent a letter to the UN secretary general overnight.The United Nations has said it “cannot accept” the outbreak of new conflict in Ukraine and called on all parties to refrain from unilateral actions that violate the Minsk agreements.Nuclear drills.On February 19th Russia’s armed forces began a nuclear exercise presided over by Mr Putin.Although the Russian Defense Ministry said the exercise is only to test the level of combat readiness and the reliability of weapons and equipment.However, the significance of warning the United States is self-evident, and the American media is also eager to take advantage of it, accusing Russia of targeting the United States.Air Force RC-135S missile observation reconnaissance aircraft 61-2663 is in position, according to air traffic control information.Earlier on February 15, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, Syria, and the Russian Defense Ministry announced that mig-31K fighter jets and Tu-22M3 bombers equipped with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles have been deployed to Syria’s Hmaimim air base in preparation for naval exercises in the Mediterranean.Us media said the Russian exercise in the eastern Mediterranean involved 15 warships and about 30 aircraft.Through all this manoeuvring, Mr Putin seems to have regained the initiative and forced the US to the negotiating table.Predictably, Lavrov will meet blinken.Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia is not opposed to talks on U.S. security proposals.Moscow is not afraid of war, it needs a good reason.That reason is nothing else but the next step in NATO’s eastward expansion.As long as Ukraine announces its membership of NATO, Russia will not start a war but be forced to fight back.Is there no end to the US-Russia dogfight?There really is no end to the US-Russia dogfight in 2022.The Biden administration will not rest until Russia uses force.But even if Russia uses military force, it must be based on the substantial eastward expansion of NATO led by the United States, that is, Ukraine joining NATO.The United States will never agree to give Russia a legally binding written guarantee, but the United States will not stop until Russia agrees to military pressure.America wants to start a war on Russia’s doorstep and mess up Europe.Russia intends to take a different tack, warning the United States in the Middle East and Alaska.One day there may be a real war, not between Russia and Ukraine, but between the United States and Russia.In Syria?Near Alaska?Biden’s prediction of a “world war” is not groundless.In 2022, the year of COVID-19 is also full of twists and turns.With the West lying down, every infected person is a petri dish for the virus to mutate, and it’s not clear what strains omicron will mutate into.China’s Hong Kong is being invaded by a virus. The United States, which has not praised Hong Kong through its “color revolution”, will surely take advantage of this rare opportunity to destabilize Hong Kong.In Hong Kong “dynamic zero” is very difficult, many Hong Kong people have been brainwashed no thinking ability, they will not cooperate.It is imperative to guard against western meddling.The year 2022 has been designated as an “extraordinary year” as the coronavirus pandemic has been compounded by a political virus created by us forces.China has to fight both the COVID-19 pandemic and the political epidemic caused by the HEGEMonic power of the United States, and the road to China’s rise will be as difficult as that of the long March.Therefore, at any time, the Chinese people should play a full spirit, unite as one, persist in struggle, and only then can we achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.The us and Russia are locked in a perpetual tussle. China’s attitude is clear and determined.China supports Russia’s security aspirations and opposes THE eastward expansion of NATO.Helping Russia in its tussle with America might do the trick of preventing an “accidental clash”.China and Russia, back to back and side by side, are the stabilizer of world peace.Note: The author of this article is Mou Lin, a core member of “Qin ‘an Strategic Think Tank”, and an original work of this platform. In the New Year, I wish everyone to join hands to defeat the epidemic, curb hegemony and move towards a better future together.