Xiling snow mountain, wawu mountain reservation today has reached the upper limit

2022-08-03 0 By

Although the Spring Festival holiday is over, tourists are still eager to take advantage of the weekend to travel on ice and snow.February 13, the reporter learned from the Xiling Snow Mountain scenic area and wawu Mountain scenic area, two scenic spots today the number of reservations has reached the upper limit, unbooked tourists do not go.Xiling Snow Mountain scenic spot suggestion: tourists without tickets can go to Anren Ancient Town, Jianchuan Museum, Liu Manor Museum, Xinchang Ancient Town, Tianfu Flower Valley, Xiyuan Shared Park and other scenic spots to visit.Wawu Mountain remind: unbooked tourists please go to Liujiang ancient town, Qiliping, Yuping Mountain and other scenic spots to play.In order to ensure smooth travel, it is advocated that tourists go to the scenic spot and make online reservation with their real names 1-2 days in advance.Source: Sichuan Observation Wenlv News studio He Ye