73-year-old woman 18000 online crystal coffin, wearing a shroud circle of friends will: don’t let 4 children die

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“Go and see what yuan Fengqin posted in her circle of friends. What’s wrong with her? Didn’t you see her last time?”In 2020, an old man named Yuan Fengqin in Quanjiaohe Town, Haoshan District, Yiyang City, Hunan province, instantly caused a stir among her relatives and friends by Posting a dynamic message on her wechat moments.Yuan Fengqin was lying on a bed in a white shroud, with a shocking message: “I announce that I have severed ties with my four children. I do not want them to be responsible for my death. I only ask relatives and friends to help take care of my future generations.”Everyone wants to know what irreconcilable contradiction happened between yuan Fengqin and her children, which could make her do such an extreme act and make it known to everyone.Can their conflict finally be resolved?Yuan Fengqin is seventy-three years old this year. She has two sons and two daughters on her knees. She is full of children and grandchildren.When she was young, Yuan Fengqin and her husband got married and started a business together. With decades of painstaking efforts, they also accumulated a rich family fortune and basically lived a life of food and clothing.However, she should have enjoyed the happiness of her family, but now she is struggling with her children.All of this has changed since two years ago.Two years ago, Yuan fengqin’s husband passed away due to illness, leaving his wife alone.At this time, the four children have married, each have their own life and career, but also do not have much time to accompany the old mother, more unable to understand the mother lost his wife’s pain.”Except for the youngest daughter, the other three children would only try their best to ask me for money.”Lost his wife, let alone Yuan Fengqin feel very lonely, and several children treat her attitude is to make her very not taste.She was told that after a lifetime of hard work for her children, it was time to enjoy herself.So Yuan fengqin decided to travel for relaxation. She often took trains and planes alone to visit the beautiful rivers and mountains of China.As a result, I learned to use wechat and often posted my travel photos in my circle of friends. Gradually, I came out from the grief of losing my husband.At first, the children were a little surprised to see their mother traveling around, since their parents had rarely even left their place of residence, let alone traveled, when their father was alive.Despite this, they never objected. After all, my mother was happy to get over my father’s death, and she was free to travel wherever she wanted.Before long, however, they discover that their mother is behaving more and more abnormally, which they attribute to the intervention of a stranger.Once Chen Kai, his eldest son, found that a man in his 50s had followed his mother home from a trip.Facing the son’s questioning, the mother did not say a word, picked up a change of clothes and left in a hurry.Who is this man?Where did Yuan Fengqin go?As Chen Kai, his eldest son, was a taxi driver, he had many taxi friends, and the news of his mother was soon transmitted back to him.After investigating, Chen found out that the man was Deng Ziying, a teacher at a local middle school who had a family of his own.And his mother’s place actually in deng Ziying’s home opposite the hotel inside.How did he and his mother know each other, and what was the relationship between them?In the face of their children’s questions, Yuan Fengqin said he and Deng Ziying are just friends, living in a hotel is not alone at home to remember memories, sad and lonely, and this is her freedom, as a child has no right to interfere.Is it really that simple?Chen kai and his brothers and sisters didn’t believe it. They thought there must be something wrong. The man named Deng Ziying must have had a different motive for approaching his mother.Especially as time went by, the relationship between her mother and Deng Ziying grew closer.They found that every time their mother returned from a trip, Deng Ziying would go all the way to the station to meet her.As a child, he drove a taxi, but his mother did not let him take it once.Not only that, mother also began to love beauty, 70 years old people even went to the beauty salon to do maintenance, but also love to buy new clothes to dress up.To know in the past, Yuan Fengqin is cosmetics have never been useful, now over 70 years, actually there is a point coruscated second spring feeling.But even more shocked several children are still behind.”I saw him take money out of the bank and sign my mother’s name.” Chen kai found that his mother had given her bankbook and bank card to Deng Ziying for safekeeping, and deng Ziying went to the bank with the bankbook to withdraw money.”Even I don’t know where my mother’s bankbook is.” Now an outsider has reached into the place that most worries the siblings.In the eyes of the children, all the money in their mother’s hand is for them.Deng Ziying with her mother unclear not to say, and now her mother’s passbook clenched in the hand, this is obviously an ulterior motive.His mother is 70 years old, if the other party is not greedy for her mother’s money, how can they go so close to her.They feel that they can not let the mother and Deng Ziying so development go on, otherwise the mother’s huge property is likely to be cheated by each other, must take action.At first, they tried hard to persuade their mother to stay away from Deng Ziying, but Yuan Fengqin, as if possessed, did not listen to their children’s advice, but made a lot of unhappy.”She always listens to Deng Ziying and feels controlled by deng.” Chen Kai and his siblings think their mother has been brainwashed by Deng Ziying in some unknown way and has become a puppet of deng Ziying.So they decided to find the initiator deng Ziying showdown, intend to privately threaten each other away from the mother.The conflict was further intensified.”We went to look for him, but he unexpectedly called my mother over.” When the Chen siblings came to visit deng Ziying said nothing and directly invited Yuan Fengqin over.To see their children went behind their backs to find Trouble for Deng Ziying, is also incensed, can not help but say that several children in the face of a scolding, and even almost fight, the contradiction between the two sides has been white-hot.In order to keep their mother away from Deng Ziying, several children tried their best, and even went to Deng ziying’s school to complain about him.Under the mediation of the mediation committee under the local judicial office, Deng Ziying finally reached an agreement with several nieces and signed a letter of commitment, promising to cut off all contact with Yuan Fengqin in the future.I thought that would be the end of the matter, but there are bigger waves to come.Yuan Fengqin completely broke up with her children after she went to extremes to prove her innocence.In her view, their hard work to bring up a few children not to say, but for them to spend a lot of money.”I gave my eldest son 200,000 yuan, and my youngest son 280,000 yuan, all in full.” Yuan Fengqin bought the houses of her two sons for them. Now, let alone asking them to show their filial piety, yuan even interferes with her even making friends of the opposite sex, even to the point of almost suing the court.Now everyone knows they’re having an affair with a man in his fifties, and their lifelong reputation for chastity is ruined.She had to get answers from her children, and what she did next shocked everyone.Yuan Fengqin told her relatives and friends that she had so many disobedient children, and after this, she no longer wanted to live.She simply began to prepare for their own affairs, dry the first thing is to spend 180,000 heavy gold bought a crystal coffin.Not surprisingly, this move made Chen kai and several other children very angry, they immediately went to their mother to ask her why she did so, a good person to buy such an unlucky coffin, but also a sky-high crystal coffin.”I can spend my money as I please, and you have nothing to do with me and nothing to do with me after death.”Yuan fengqin, already angry, soon began to quarrel with her children, and fierce conflicts broke out once again.This time, instead of making Yuan back down, she went even further.On her wechat moments, Yuan posted a picture of herself in a funeral gown lying on a bed to show her determination to die at any time and her strong condemnation of her unfilial children.This circle of friends soon exploded in the relatives and friends of the pot, we did not expect the affluent Chen family will also trouble to this point.After the local media learned about this, they also found yuan Fengqin to understand the situation.”I bought the shroud here and here.” “Did you prepare this for yourself?””Rightness rightness, I am ready to die at any time” see reporter to interview her, immediately then introduce rise.When see full chest of shroud, the reporter was surprised, Yuan Fengqin old man looks like red face, where like dying people.But then Yuan fengqin made an even more surprising move, wearing the linen shroud on the spot.Outside again cover white plain flower, homeostatic lie on the bed, demonstrate to the reporter oneself after death dress up, move really some absurd.What do the children think of their mother’s actions?Chen four siblings for their mother to choose to cut ties with their own, is also very angry and helpless.However, they felt that their mother made these absurd behaviors are controlled by Deng Ziying behind.The purpose is to revenge them, let a few children back unfilial name, but also forced a few children, do not interfere with Deng Ziying and her contacts.They all put the contradictory focus on Deng Ziying.What is the relationship between Yuan Fengqin and Deng Ziying in the end, and whether a few female speculation is true?And how it’s going to end.For the view of the Chen siblings, Deng Ziying’s wife apparently does not agree with.”I believe my husband. He is innocent. There is no way he is having an improper relationship with her.”Deng ziying’s wife stood firmly by her husband’s side.She also said that her husband had just looked at Yuan Fengqin old man alone and poor, well-intentioned to help her, did not expect to bring so much trouble to himself.Now his home and Yuan Fengqin long cut off contact, even the phone all pulled into the blacklist, make these moves can not be her husband’s instigate.See Yuan Fengqin old man’s move, the neighbors have come to persuade.They told reporters that although they also saw Deng ziying and Yuan Fengqin are close, but the gap between the two grades is so big that it is unlikely to do anything incest, or the children think too much.Besides, as their own mother, even if there are many faults, several children should not treat her like this.Yuan fengqin finally said that he did these actions, not really want to die, just feel full of grievance and anger.”I can be his mother, how they can have such a nasty idea, I just don’t understand.”In fact, several children did not want to reconcile with their mother.However, the mother has not returned home since the last time she had a quarrel over buying a coffin, and she is unwilling to meet and communicate with her children.Chen Kai to the mother’s wechat also sent a number of messages “niang, you don’t do these things, people well buy what coffin, the family and the life of the good…..Your children are your support in your old age.Mom, let’s go home.”A family is a family. You can’t really break it off.”Even if your mother had nothing and was cheated out of all her money, can her children ignore her and not be filial to her?”Confronted with questions, Chen kai could not find any reason to refute.Besides, the mother and Deng Ziying things are just their subjective guesses, and there is no evidence, because of this matter and mother to the point of water and fire, it is obviously not rational behavior.Finally, after some persuasion, Chen Kai and Yuan Fengqin agreed to communicate with each other.”If you let her do it, kill me if you can.” “I will hit you, you are not a filial son.”Perhaps Yuan Fengqin had too many grievances depressed in her heart, at the moment she saw her son made her lose her mind, resulting in emotional outburst.But either way, a carefully planned meeting and communication clearly fizzled.Finally, they can only part in discord, and the contradiction between mother and child will continue to exist, perhaps only when both sides completely calm down, just have the hope of reconciliation.Conclusion As children, parents should be given more care and love.Don’t let them pay a lifetime, only to grow old in emptiness and loneliness.In this case, it is clear that both the mother and the child lack the necessary communication and communication, leading to numerous misunderstandings and contradictions.Parents have their own freedom, and children really should not interfere too much.As parents, sometimes we should also take into consideration the feelings of our children, instead of going to extremes when things happen, which will only aggravate the conflict.We sincerely hope yuan Fengqin can get back together with her children as soon as possible.