A problem at night

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On the fifth day of the New Year, my son bought a delicate fish tank and five small goldfish of different colors at the flower, bird and fish market in Wuwei city.The warm-hearted owner patiently gave us all the facilities installed in the tank, and told some attention to fish farming, then patted the chest to just began to try to fish farming son said: “ten thousand rest assured, sure no problem!”At four o ‘clock in the afternoon, my family left Wuwei and drove to our home in Minqin county, which is 90 kilometers away.When approaching the door, my son began to buckle up one by one in front of the whole family in advance: After getting off the bus, our first task was to settle the fish tank and fish, and other luggage and objects waited for a while.Because fish are alive, there is no doubt in everyone’s mind.Naturally, I fully approved of my son’s plan and arrangement.But what we did not expect is that when my son carefully installed the fish tank and started the trial operation, the sound from inside was unusually large, harsh and humming, cool like a high-voltage transformer.And, let the son no matter how debugging, ultimately all is useless!The whole family saw this, but also began to shout: fish is originally a leisurely mood of things, if in the home to move to a noisy machine, would rather not worth while!The son was originally to raise fish with a happy mood, who would encounter such a situation?Watching the passage of time one minute one second, the sky also began a little bit of dark down.Obviously, if rely on wuwei that shop to solve this one problem, that can only be a lie!The most worrying is that a few goldfish brought from the wuwei market, if once the fish tank of this situation can not be solved in time, their fate is conceivable.At that moment, my son was like a cat on hot bricks!During this period, in fact, our whole family are not idle, the afternoon everyone around his son to give ideas, to think of ways, despite the best efforts, but, have not achieved satisfactory results.It was not until nine o ‘clock in the evening that I suddenly remembered that the husband of one of my female colleagues had been fond of fish farming since childhood, and had not stopped for many years.Less than ten minutes after the telephone invitation, he arrived at our house in person.The big problem that puzzled our whole family for half the afternoon was finally solved completely!If a person is determined to do a thing, no force can stop it!