Comprehensive control project of soil and water conservation in small watershed of Caiwan Town

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Caiwan Town, under the jurisdiction of Quanzhou County, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is located in the west of quanzhou county, east of Quanzhou Town, Longshui Town, southeast jiantang Township, Fenghuang township, Shaoshui Town, west of Ziyuan County Ziyuan Town, northeast of Daxijiang town, a subtropical monsoon climate.Small make up together with all of you today to see a construction site is located in guangxi bay town, with a total investment of about $15.362 million source of small watershed comprehensive harness of soil and water conservation engineering design of the network effect of the project to the actual situation shall prevail, guangxi to bay town of bamboo mountain ecological clean small watershed comprehensive harness of soil and water conservation engineering, the construction site is located in the town, a village south, guangxi to bay,The newly built bank revetment of Wulipai River is 2560m, of which the stacked stone revetment is 1106m, the ecological block stone revetment is 1454m, the pedestrian footpath is 990m (of which the left bank is 610m and the right bank is 380m), one weir dam, one new wooden bridge and one water wheel.New south river revetment 2630m, including stacked stone revetment 160m, net cage foot guard + net pad revetment 720m, net cage retaining wall 1750m;1 fish pond renovation (including 90m recreational footpath and 2 transformed wooden Bridges), supporting solar street lamps and garbage cans, etc.Planting fruit forest area of 23.2h square meters.Closed governance area of 3691H square meters, supporting signs and billboards.The project has a total area of 37.14K square meters of soil and water loss control, and the degree of soil and water loss control is 84%. The investment plan is 15,362,000 yuan. The planned start date is March 01, 2022, and the completion date is December 31, 2022, and the planned period is 306 days (calendar days).After communication with Li Gong, the deadline for submission of bidding documents is February 18, 2022 in the bidding for the general contractor of the design and construction of the project by the end of January 2022.More bidding information please continue to pay attention to oh!Project source: Picture source: Network (the actual situation is subject to the project, please contact to delete infringement)