Divination, astrology, tarot cards…Why do some young people always want to count their fortunes in the New Year

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Don’t be fooled by fortune-telling.Visual China for divination, astrology, palm reading, tarot cards…At the end of every year, predictions for the New Year become extremely popular on social media.Many young people hope to “change their fortunes” through divination, astrology, palm-reading and tarot cards in order to have a smooth relationship, a promotion, a salary and academic success in the New Year.”Transport” the cost can be really not cheap, “588 yuan to measure a fleeting fortune, 688 yuan a second taisui symbol”…Is luck really predictable and reversible?Why do fortune tellers seem to be “a little accurate”?People in the end of the year at the beginning of the use of divination, fortune-telling analysis of the next year’s fortune behind the behavior, and what kind of psychological reasons?Wang Kui, an associate researcher with the Institute of Psychology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said people tend to believe in fate under certain circumstances, such as when they have suffered a huge setback in real life and want to get over the bottom of their life as soon as possible, or when they feel powerless in front of something important that they cannot change.In these states, people feel powerless and desperately want to be blessed by outside forces.At times of change, people are more likely to look forward to the future, not just at the end of the year, but at a new job or on their birthday.The combination of these two factors makes people more likely to turn to fortune-telling at the end of the year or the beginning of the year.Fortune-telling is a kind of superstitious activity, but many people feel that “fortune-teller” said “quite accurate”, what is the reason?According to Wang, this is because fortune tellers take advantage of differences in people’s concerns, making vague and general statements and drawing on life experience.For example, if you look closely, you’ll notice that fortune tellers don’t usually say specific times or events, such as “tomorrow your boss will accept your proposal and may give you a promotion or raise as a result,” wang said. Instead, they are more likely to say, “You have some help in your life.””A noble person” is a vague concept, wang explained, referring to leaders or predecessors who are willing to support us, mentors who give us guidance in our studies, colleagues who silently support us at work, people who accompany us in difficult times or give us key advice.Therefore, the saying “you have a great help in your life” can be applied to almost everyone, unless there is a time limit.”You’re likely to have some setbacks next year.”In fact, not only “next year,” but every year of our lives will encounter setbacks, wang said. Just as the saying goes, “Nine out of ten things go wrong in life.”In addition, the fortune-teller will give general descriptions of personality traits or internal states, such as “you sometimes feel you are too soft” or “you are a kind-hearted person”.’The vast majority of people think they are kind,’ says Ms. Wang. ‘The difference between people may be more in how they define kindness.’Sometimes, people even know that they have done something not kind, but also think that they are forced by the situation, forced or there are reasons, there are hidden reasons.Wang Kui once made an experiment when she was lecturing to her students. She chose some words that were very suitable for young people in their early 20s and asked the students to judge whether they were correct or not. They raised their hands if they thought they were correct.For example, “You often have trouble showing your charm when you meet the opposite sex you like,” “Sometimes you have trouble hiding your inner restlessness,” and “sometimes you feel like it’s a luxury to be understood.”More than 95% of students keep their hands up.Wang further pointed out that as far as fortune-telling is concerned, some words can be interpreted from different perspectives, and the listener’s choice of what to believe depends on his or her current state.For example, the sentence “it is possible to experience many difficulties, but it is not impossible to see the light”, the current negative individuals may pay more attention to the first half of the sentence “encountered many difficulties”, but ignore the second half;Those who were more positive in the moment were more likely to focus on the second half of the sentence, “See the light.”In addition, when a person goes to a “fortune teller”, there is often no intention to hide their emotions and life state, and it is easy to share their fears and the truth.For example, wang said that if an individual said “the doctor advised the family member to go through discharge procedures and suggested going home for the last period of time,” it would be easy for the “fortune-teller” to follow up with “It’s time to prepare for the afterlife, not this month, but next month, and it can’t be too long.”This is the “fortune-teller” based on life experience, the use of “borrow force to fight force” means.Even sometimes, some of the things they say may be conclusions rather than predictions.When a woman with a sad face tells a fortune teller that her son has been in five unsuccessful relationships, it is easy for the fortune teller to add that he is concerned about marriage.”What the ‘fortune-teller’ is doing is not predicting, but simply stating in other words what the person has already discovered.”Wang Kui said.”In the past two years, everyone’s life has been more or less affected by the epidemic, and we still don’t know when the epidemic will end,” Wang said. “It’s normal to feel anxious, confused or confused, especially those who have been affected by the epidemic.””Going to a fortune-telling website or spending a small fortune on it occasionally won’t make a difference during very low moods.But, if someone is using your current anxiety, anxiety and confusion, to tell you, if you are willing to spend thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, he can be reversed by certain ways in transplanting your destiny, that you’d better not believe, no matter his banner reads soothsayers, fortune teller, numerology master, or a psychological consultant.”Wang Kui said.(Gao Yuan contributed to this article.) Xia Jin, reporter, China Youth Daily. Source: China Youth Daily