Electricity sales is more and more difficult to do, how does the external call system help increase performance?

2022-08-04 0 By

With the development of the electric sales industry in 2022, the competition between industries is becoming increasingly fierce, and it is becoming more and more difficult for sales to call customers. Salesmen are seeking solutions to solve the dilemma until a software suitable for the electric sales industry appears, which is the intelligent outbound call system.The traditional electric sales mode connection rate is low, number card is easy to be stopped, sales data customer resources are not good management, these problems have been solved after the emergence of the external call system ~ external call system how to solve the electrical sales problem?1. Reasonable allocation of customer leads The intelligent outbound call system of Vochuang Cloud can help enterprise managers to arrange their work reasonably and assign customers according to the current workload of sales and their working ability, so that each customer lead can be effectively used and faster follow-up development.2. Better high-frequency dialing If enterprises use personal mobile phone number cards for high-frequency dialing, the number cards will soon be discontinued, because according to the existing rules, the high-frequency dialing of personal phone number cards will be judged as abnormal outgoing calls.With the outgoing call system can match the exclusive power line for the user, at the same time, the calling party of the outgoing call process will become the called party, which is very good to avoid the problem of high frequency dialing will be stopped number card.3. Low deployment and construction cost The outbound call system is deployed on the cloud. Enterprises only need to log in to the web page or app to use the system, which greatly reduces the cost and threshold for enterprises to use the outbound call system.Cloud deployment also facilitates mobile working and cross-regional collaborative working. Enterprises can centrally manage data in different regions, greatly improving unified operation and management of enterprises.