【 Epidemic Prevention and Popularization 】 My neighbor “Yang”, what should I do?The answer is here

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What should I do if my neighbor in the same building tested positive for nucleic acid?How do I avoid cross-infection if I’m in the quarantine as a link?Is it true omicron has 200 sequelae?With what drug treatment?Hu Bijie, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, is a member of the national expert group on COVID-19 treatment.Hu: In this situation, many people may be nervous at first, but I think we should look at it rationally.Neighbors “Yang” means that there is a possibility that you are close contact, but no matter which situation, first of all, we should maintain a good attitude to improve the immune system.Do not leave home, wear masks, keep hygiene, maintain social distancing, reduce contact with surfaces, such as door handles, and increase disinfection.2. How to take protective measures when it is connected to the isolation point?Hu: The most important thing is to strictly follow the quarantine hotel rules, especially do not leave the room easily.Don’t be so nervous when you get to the quarantine hotel that you don’t want to eat or sleep.If resistance is good enough, a small amount of the virus can be eliminated without infection, and if it is, it will not become severe.After leaving the isolation point, what should I do with my personal clothes?Hubbij: The survival time of viruses on surfaces is actually very short.We’ve done this on regular napkins, and the virus only lives for 60 minutes.So if you need to leave, pack your clothes and put them in a box or a plastic bag and take them home. In two or three days, the virus is no longer contagious.Burning clothes that can still be worn is wasteful and damaging to the environment.Omicron has 200 sequelae?To death?Hu Bejie: I think it overstates the so-called sequelae.Omicron, unlike the virus of two years ago, is mainly in the upper respiratory tract.Sequelae and complications definitely do not mean that there are 200 kinds of sequelae and complications on the Internet. I have also noticed that there is no literature basis for such a claim.What drugs are commonly used to treat omicron?Hu Bijie: Asymptomatic and mild patients account for more than 95%, and severe symptoms, such as requiring ventilator, account for less than 1%.Great part of cure need not use medicine, if appear have a fever, systemic muscle ache wait for a symptom, can use a few reduce heat analgesic, cold antipyretic namely.In the rare case of severe disease, nematvir/ritonavir (Paxlovid) can effectively inhibit the development of severe disease and prevent death.At the same time, Traditional Chinese medicine can also play an important role in high-risk groups early use, can effectively curb the aggravation of the disease.On the one hand, we should abide by the epidemic prevention policies and do a good job of personal protection. On the other hand, we should keep a good attitude and strengthen our resistance to win the battle against the epidemic together!Help each other and fight the epidemic together!Our Neighbor Is Suffering, So Why Should I?