Hangzhou: two people from other provinces were investigated for deliberately concealing their itinerary

2022-08-04 0 By

On April 5, Ning and Dang came to Hangzhou from high-risk areas outside the province. They deliberately concealed their itinerary during the investigation by epidemic prevention workers, which caused the risk of social communication. They have been placed on file for investigation by Hangzhou Shangcheng District Public Security Bureau according to law.On the morning of April 6th, # Hangzhou Raffles Epidemic Prevention # and other topics have been trending.On April 5, the city’s West Yintai City and Hangzhou Raffles temporarily suspended business due to epidemic prevention and control, according to city Express.According to the government’s quarantine requirements, all employees of Yintai City in The west of The city were tested for nucleic acid yesterday. Business will be suspended for one day today and resume tomorrow.In addition, hangzhou Raffles latest news is: last night has done related elimination, today normal business.(GCY source: Hangzhou, City Express)