Junior college can be reported!Suqian municipal organs and public institutions are recruiting 88 people

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In accordance with the work needs of employers and through research, suqian Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has decided to open the recruitment of contract personnel in municipal organs and Public institutions to the public. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:The recruitment of 88 people is open to the public. Please refer to the “Job Description Form” (Attachment 1) for the recruitment positions, planned recruitment numbers and relevant requirements.The recruitment target is open to the public (including the 2022 graduates of regular institutions of higher learning).(1) Having the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;(2) to abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and to be of good conduct;(3) having the physical condition to perform duties normally;(4) Other qualifications and conditions required by the post.Aged above 18 and below 35 (i.e. born between February 15, 1986 and February 28, 2004), the same applies to others.Relevant personnel of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan apply for an examination, according to the relevant provisions of the state, provincial implementation.(5) Applicants under any of the following circumstances shall not apply for the examination: 1. Active servicemen;2. Full-time students in regular institutions of higher learning (except the graduates of regular institutions of higher learning in 2022);3. Those who are under disciplinary examination or are under investigation on suspicion of illegal or criminal offenses, or have violated the criminal law and been exempted from criminal punishment, or have been subjected to criminal punishment or re-education through labor for committing crimes;4. Those who have been expelled from public office, party membership, league membership or higher education status;5. Those who have been dismissed by government organs or institutions for less than 5 years;6. Those who have been given severe demerits, demotion, dismissal, probation (stay in the Party or school), or reduced post level for less than 3 years, or the punishment period has not been completed;7. Candidates who have been identified with “serious trust-breaking behavior” for less than 3 years, or “serious trust-breaking behavior” for less than 5 years,As well as those who are listed in the list of conscientious objectors and the implementation of the municipal joint punishment for social faithlessness (for details, please refer to the document provisions of Su Political Office Fa [2013] No. 100, Su Political Office FA [2014] No. 114, Su Gongtong [2015] No. 28, Su Renshe Social Fa [2015] No. 190, Su Jianfa [2017] No. 193, etc.),Or consult the municipal Public Credit Information Center 0527-84338767);8. Recruitment of personnel for personnel, finance, audit, discipline inspection positions of the unit or the secretary position of the responsible personnel of the unit, the applicant and the responsible personnel of the unit have conjugal relationship, direct blood relationship, collateral blood relationship within three generations or close marriage relationship;And the above relationship between the applicant and the current staff of the unit, which constitutes a direct relationship between the superior and subordinate leaders after arriving at the post.Iv. Recruitment Procedures and Methods This recruitment is organized by municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in accordance with online application, preliminary qualification examination, written examination, qualification review, interview, physical examination, inspection, publicity and employment and other steps.1. Registration, method of qualification preliminary examination registration, photo uploading and qualification preliminary examination are all carried out through the Internet.Registration, photo upload time: 9:00 o ‘clock on February 15, 2022 – February 25 16:00, registration address: suqian test appraisal center at http://sqhrss.suqian.gov.cn/rlzyj/ksjdzx/index_1.shtml.After submitting the registration information online, candidates can go to the registration website to check whether they have passed the preliminary examination of qualification. Those who have passed the preliminary examination of qualification are not allowed to apply for other positions.2. Matters needing attention for registration and preliminary examination of qualification (1) Acceptance of registration and preliminary examination of qualification shall be uniformly organized and implemented by the recruitment unit. Candidates may contact the recruitment unit if they have any problems during the registration and preliminary examination of qualification (attached).Online registration technical questions can consult Suqian City examination and identification center (0527-84353885).(2) Applicants should fill in the relevant information according to the job requirements and online prompts, and upload the electronic photo of the applicant (recent 2-inch 35-× 45mm ID photo with front and bareheaded, JPG format, size less than 20Kb).(3) Applicants can only use their second-generation ID cards within the validity period to select a post for registration. Registration must be consistent with the valid ID cards used in the examination, or the examination qualification will be cancelled.(4) After the registration, if the number of applicants does not reach the opening proportion of the examination, the recruitment unit will reduce the recruitment plan until cancellation. Those who apply for the cancelled post and complete the payment can re-apply for other qualified posts. The registration time is 14:00-17:30, February 28, 2022.(5) After online registration, candidates should keep the contact number filled in the “Registration Form” in normal use and unblocked. If the recruitment is affected by candidates’ personal reasons (such as number change, downtime, etc.), candidates should bear the responsibility and consequences.(1) Applicants can go to the registration website to check whether they have passed the preliminary examination 24 hours after submitting their registration information online.(2) The written test will be charged at 100 YUAN per examinee.Candidates who pass the preliminary examination must pay the written test fee online by using a bank card with online payment function.After the written test, the examinee who takes the written test (except the examinee who violates the discipline) will be given a subsidy equivalent to the test fee, and the subsidy will be returned to the examinee’s bank card (please do not cancel the bank card during this period).(3) Those who pass the preliminary qualification examination and complete the payment confirmation shall be regarded as successful registration.(4) Failure to confirm the registration qualification, upload photos and pay the registration fee on time will be regarded as invalid registration.Candidates who have successfully registered for the written test can log on to the registration website to print their admission tickets after March 7, 2022.If you have any questions, please contact Suqian Examination and Identification Center (0527-84353885).(2) Written test venue: See admission ticket;Examination content: “comprehensive knowledge”, written examination does not specify counseling book;Written test result: candidates can check the original registration website through their ID number and admission ticket number.(3) After the written examination is finished, the candidates for the qualification reexamination shall be determined according to the ratio of the score of the written examination to the number of candidates to be hired 3:1. If the ratio of the number of candidates for the qualification reexamination to the number of recruitment plan is less than 3:1, the candidates shall participate in the qualification reexamination according to the actual number of applicants.The qualification review shall be organized before the interview, and the qualification review shall be undertaken by the employer.For those who fail in the qualification review, the recruitment unit can make up for them according to their scores from high to low among the candidates who apply for the same post.The original and copy of my ID card;(2) The original and copy of diploma and degree certificate;(3) The original and copy of other qualification certificates and certificates required by the post.The time and place of the qualification review will be announced later. Candidates are invited to pay attention to the website announcement of Suqian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.The time and place of the interview will be notified separately (please pay attention to the announcement on the website of Suqian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau).Those who have passed the qualification review shall participate in the interview, which shall be organized and implemented by the Municipal People’s And Social Security Bureau in a structured manner.During the interview, candidates for non-competitive positions must reach 60 points (60% of the total interview score) as qualified.Candidates will be informed of the interview results on the spot.Physical Examination The physical examination work shall be uniformly organized and carried out by the Municipal People’s And Social Security Bureau. The physical examination standards shall refer to the “General Standards for Physical Examination for Civil Servant Recruitment (Trial)”, and the physical examination expenses shall be borne by the examinees.The total score will be calculated based on 50% of the written test score and 50% of the interview score, and the total score of the examinee will be calculated based on the interview score if the total score is the same.The candidates for physical examination shall be determined in a 1:1 ratio from high scores to low scores according to the number of recruitment plans for the posts.The list of candidates for the physical examination was published on the website of the Suqian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.(6) The examination of qualified personnel shall be organized by the employer. The examination shall be carried out with reference to the Implementation Rules of Jiangsu Province for The Recruitment and Examination of National Civil Servants and the actual political examination needs of the employer. The personal credit status and illegal and criminal records of the inspected personnel shall be included in the scope of investigation.The qualified personnel are the personnel to be hired.(7) After the publicity and employment inspection, the name list of the employees to be employed shall be published on the website of Suqian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for 7 working days.After the expiration of the publicity period, if there are no problems or the reflected problems do not affect the recruitment, the recruitment unit shall organize to go through the relevant employment procedures.Where problems affecting employment are reported and verified, the recruiting unit shall decide not to employ.The salary of the hired personnel shall be determined according to the Provisions on the Management of contract Personnel in municipal organs and public institutions. The specific salary can be consulted with the relevant recruitment units.The social on-the-job personnel that is employed and former working unit sign labor (employ) contract or all sorts of agreement, be in charge of processing by oneself proper motion.In the stage of physical examination, inspection, publicity, because of various reasons, the vacancy, according to the total score of the examinee in this post interview from high to low points successively fill.After employment, due to various reasons, the vacancy will not be filled.This open recruitment will follow the principle of “openness, equality, competition and selection of the best”, strictly adhere to the prescribed procedures, conditions and standards, and strictly prohibit fraud, favoritism and fraud.The recruitment work shall be supervised by the discipline inspection and supervision departments and the society. The staff who violate the examination, employ discipline or neglect of duty and cause bad consequences shall be seriously dealt with according to the relevant regulations once confirmed.1. Major setting.According to the “Jiangsu province 2022 Civil Service Examination Recruitment Professional Reference catalogue”.2. Work Experience.”Work Experience” is calculated until February 15, 2022.The starting time of “work experience” shall be subject to the time filled in the certification materials such as the approval form and labor (employment) contract.3. The employee must have obtained the corresponding academic degree, degree and certificates before the registration date.Graduates in 2022 must obtain the relevant academic and degree certificates required by August 31, 2022, or they will be disqualified.Vii. The Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security is responsible for the interpretation of this general Rules.Registration system technical consultation telephone: 0527-84353885 (Suqian City examination and identification center).Supervising telephone: 0527-84359865 (Suqian People’s And Social Security Bureau party style office).Suqian Talent Service Center: 0527-84353007.Suqian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau February 10, 2022