Let the Yellow River be a happy river that benefits the people

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“We will further promote ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River basin.We will take the protection of the river as a key task, continue to carry out special campaigns to protect the mother River and improve it, and implement a system of recuperation in an orderly manner.”In the report on the work of the Government, we must resolutely shoulder the responsibility of the source, show the responsibility of the main stream, and make qinghai’s contribution to ensure the peace of the Yellow River.Yellow River is the mother river of the Chinese nation.To promote ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin is a major decision and plan made by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core.During the two sessions, reporters from xihai media invited several party secretaries of counties where the Yellow River flows to talk about the protection, development and utilization of the Yellow River and how to ensure that a river of clean water flows east.The Yellow River flows through The County for 71.4 kilometers, with an average flow of 650 cubic meters per second. It is an important source of water conservation in the upper Reaches of the Yellow River.Protecting water resources, preventing and controlling water pollution, improving water environment and repairing water ecology are the bounden duty and mission of Republic county.”Extensive” republican basin in recent years, prepares combined with construction of regional central cities, bright put forward “the construction of the province model area” of the Yellow River basin, high quality development goals, to research the resources endowment of a republic, development orientation, high standards compiled “prepares the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high quality development plan” prepares “difference” water security plan,We will gradually and step by step advance the construction of model areas, and establish a long-term mechanism for common development and common governance.Adhere to the concept of “mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grass ice is a community of life”, press and consolidate the work responsibility of “river and lake chief system”, establish river and lake management and protection system covering county, township and village levels, and bring 110 river channels, 16 reservoirs and 4 natural lakes in the county into the management scope of “river and lake chief system”.We will continue to strengthen the ecological protection in the Yellow River, adhere to the “allowed, increase of green sand” integrated propulsion, implementation results lakes and reservoir area ecological management and key protection of water conservation, strictly implement the results of the cold water fish forward collection devices, results entry, central section water quality testing in Ⅲ class above, implements a river water flowed eastward.Tongde County:Responsibility to implement the “source” hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee and the county party committee secretary Ding Ruiyi tongde core, is located in the sanjiangyuan national nature reserve in the Yellow River upstream, the Yellow River from east by prefecture dragon tower ditch, Tibetan autonomous prefecture, henan Mongolian autonomous county in the brin confluence exit, process 206 kilometers.Tongde County has firmly established the concept that “clear waters and green mountains are gold and silver mountains”, consciously shoulder the responsibility for ecological protection of the Yellow River basin, and fully implement the “source responsibility” of Yellow River protection. It has always taken the basic path of studying and judging problems, putting forward strategies, planning projects and ensuring results, and sticking to the combination of natural restoration and ecological governance.We will adopt a protection and restoration model focusing on protection and conservation, natural restoration, assisted regeneration and ecological reconstruction, coordinate the protection of natural resources in the Tongde section of the Yellow River, including the river system, coastline and wetlands, and steadily advance major ecological construction projects such as afforestation, returning grazing land to grassland, ecological protection and construction in the headwaters of the Three Rivers, and pest prevention and control.We will continue to strengthen the comprehensive management of key river courses, implement the strictest possible water resources management system, vigorously promote the special campaign for rivers and lakes to work together to clean up the four disorderly areas and protect the headwaters of the Three Rivers, and vigorously carry out key national ecological projects such as the “Three-North” shelterbelt and natural forest protection.Propulsion characteristics over the land of forage grass, rat pest control, construction, poison grass management work, accelerating key areas, rural and urban greening, and high quality to carry out the ShanShuiLinTian HuCao smoothies system to protect and repair engineering, many measures simultaneously, system management, actively explore the ecological priority and green development as the guide to quality development new way,In the mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grass ice and “clear mountains, beautiful waters, abundant forests, beautiful grass, and people”, continue to consolidate the achievements of ecological protection construction, for the realization of economic and social development and ecological environmental protection synergy laid a solid foundation.Guide County: let clear water flow to the east on both sides of the verdant Guide County Party secretary Bai Yongdong Yellow River under the world Guideqing.In recent years, Guide County has been firmly responsible for the source of the Yellow River, fulfilling its responsibilities as the main stream, and making every effort to promote ecological protection and high-quality development of the Guide section of the Yellow River basin, so that clean water flows eastward and both sides are more verdant, making the Yellow River a happy river for the benefit of all parties.Stress basics “water”, adhere to the protection of the development of the Yellow River runs through the whole process of social civilization progress, scientific development water conservation development planning, strictly implement the “three line” of water resources protection, comprehensively promote laxiwa irrigation project, marsh sheep reservoir, huang hq wetland ecological restoration in the park, to the flood control, small watershed management, such as protection of development engineering,Steady implementation of water system connectivity and water beautiful village construction, actively strive for the State Key Laboratory of High-quality Development of the Yellow River in Guide, successfully established a national practice and innovation base of “lucid waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains”, the construction of beautiful Guide is in the making with water and water to enrich the people.Beautiful environment “water ecology”, consciously pipe water, water conservancy, water protection responsibilities, explorations upstream responsibility, take the initiative to take guide DE period of management to protect “ten measures”, establish and improve the management organization system, institution system, the supervision system of lakes, water’s grasp, tube simultaneously and enlarge, normalized to carry out the “four disorderly” action of lakes,Illegal activities such as encroaching on river courses, indiscriminate mining and indiscriminate digging, and excessive discharge of pollutants have been severely punished, forming a new situation of joint prevention and protection for the upper and lower reaches, the main and tributaries, and the left and right banks of the Yellow River. The “segmented water control” has been replaced by “all-area water control”. The environmental quality system of the main and branch rivers of the Yellow River has been improved, and the appearance of the rivers and lakes has become increasingly beautiful.To enhance temperament and cultivate “water culture”, protect the mother river and build the happy river, comprehensively deepen the publicity and education of ecological civilization, the concept of priority of ecological protection is deeply rooted in the people, and love and protect the river has become the consensus of the whole society.In the embrace of the Mother of the Yellow River, people of all ethnic groups have helped each other and forged ahead in unity. In the danshan valley and the vast valley, the cultural deposits of “harmony, cultivation and reading are inherited from the family” have been preserved, and a new pattern of integrated development of cultural and tourism industries has been created, which enables tourism with culture and infiltrates culture with tourism.Hualong Hui Autonomous County is closely linked to the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin, earnestly shoulding the political responsibility of ecological civilization construction, and protecting the clear water and blue sky of Danshan.Institutions and mechanisms have been constantly improved.The cooperative governance mechanism of various ecological factors such as mountains, rivers, forests, farmland, lakes and grass ice has been established. On the basis of consolidating the long-term mechanism of “river and lake chiefs”, the “forest (grass) length system” and “land length system” have been established and improved to realize the “joint governance of how long”, and the river and lake chiefs at the county level regularly patrol rivers.The water quality of the drinking water source of the county has reached class ⅲ or better than class ⅲ.We will improve the mechanism for rectifying problems, strengthen leadership, and complete two rounds of rectifying problems involving central environmental inspectors in a multi-pronged manner.Law enforcement continues to increase.We carried out frequent joint law enforcement, accepted and investigated 27 letters and visits, and the investigation and handling rate was 100%.Comprehensive prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution, the development along the Yellow River renovation and ecological restoration engineering of mine resources, fully develop the Yellow River into the estuary and rectification action “qing four disorderly” problem, speed up the huang village sewage treatment plant, such as environmental protection facilities, to crack down on row with theft, illegal sand mining, etc, to ensure that the Yellow River county section water quality standard, clear water,The water quality of the Yellow River remains stable in class ⅱ, and the water ecological environment of the Mother river continues to improve. More whooper swans come to the Yellow River for winter, and Andaqiha Swan Lake enjoys a national reputation.Afforestation expands the area and improves the quality.Spring and autumn volunteer tree planting activities were carried out, with 13,000 mu of seedlings planted in Hualong County and 98,000 mu of trees planted.Vigorously implement the group of north Mountain greening project, over – fulfilled the greening task.The living environment has been significantly improved.With the concept of “spending a small amount of money to do big things”, the government has launched a 100-day campaign to comprehensively improve the urban and rural environment, focusing on four major initiatives to dismantle illegal construction projects, renovate old ones, strengthen greening, and improve the city’s appearance. As a result, the urban and rural environment has significantly improved.Statement: This article is reprinted for the purpose of passing on more information and benefiting the popularization of law.If any source is wrong or infringes your legitimate rights and interests, please contact Qinghai Law Popularization with proof of ownership, we will correct and delete it in time, thank you.