March 28 industrial aluminum material aluminum ingot price analysis

2022-08-04 0 By

On March 28, the price of aluminum recently showed a large downward trend, the fluctuation of the degree of increase is large, the specific situation of aluminum prices in various regions is shown in the figure below, among which the average price of Yangtze nonferrous A00 aluminum is 22890 tons, up -100 yuan/ton;The average price of non-ferrous aluminum in Central Plains is 22890 yuan/ton, rising to -100 yuan/ton;South China Sea nonferrous Foshan A00 aluminum average price of 23240 tons, up -40 yuan/ton;Guangdong Southern Storage South China A00 aluminum average price of 22920 yuan/ton, up -90 yuan/ton;Shanghai futures aluminum 2106 average price of 23060 yuan/ton, up -190 yuan/ton;Shanghai spot aluminum average price of 22880 yuan/ton, up -90 yuan/ton.March 28 aluminum price analysis nearly 30 days aluminum price analysis