Shanghai haigang to the Asian Champions League is doomed but still have a chance to score points

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There are ten days to go before the 2022 Asian Champions League East Asian Group stage.Three Chinese Super League teams — Shandong Taishan, Shanghai Harbour and Guangzhou — had to send reserve and youth team players abroad as they did last year because of the epidemic and the clash of schedules with the Chinese Super League.In the 2021 Asian Champions League play-off, seaport actually sent reserve team players with strong strength. Many of the key players of the post-1997 and 1998 team were once members of the championship-winning team of the National Games, and they also needed first-team key players like Fu Huan.Harbour was also more aggressive on the pitch, but ended up 0-1 out of the group match.The main reason for the team’s exit was the apparent unwillingness of a patchwork team that could not have lost to a team of the quality of Kaya Philippines.In particular, if he wins, he will have to stay in Thailand for half a month to play in the group stage. Considering the favorable quarantine situation and relatively free environment in Korea at that time, it is quite acceptable to be eliminated early.In fact, the club set out before the booking, the first time after the elimination of the play-off ticket back to Shanghai.This year things are very different.The first is that The Harbour team directly qualified for the Group stage of the Asian Champions League, since they have to play at least six group games in Thailand.If there is no way out, he will concentrate on the game, and his commitment and seriousness will be much different from last year.Secondly, most of the players in the list are born after 2000, and they all cherish the opportunity to practice at this level of competition.Especially those in the ’03 and’ 04 age group.It means a lot to be playing for the first team and they are at a crucial stage in the club’s development process.This Asian Champions League competition is the best chance for young players to show their potential.What’s more, the team of the Asian Champions league is 03 and 04 years old, so the overall combat effectiveness of the team is still good.This group of players have been training and playing together. In 2019, they also participated in the La Liga Hope Cup in Kunming, and competed with the La Liga players of the same age group. They are the only Chinese team in HI that has always reached the knockout rounds.Although later for the National Games U18 age group competition divided into Shanghai team and Shaanxi team two teams, but the relative skills and tactics are relatively consistent.In particular, Shaanxi Team also won the national Games champion, six of the team’s starting lineup this time into the Asian Champions League squad, there are two on the bench selected.Even in the team representing Shanghai in the National Games, players like Lv Kun, Li Jiaqi, Bruce Lee and Wang Song all have good abilities.Overall, seaport this 29 players in the Asian Champions League list, the national youth team experience at all levels of people reached double figures, or there is a certain combat effectiveness.Competition experience, the oldest lei Wenjie is undoubtedly the most.The CSL made 21 appearances in three seasons from 2018 to 2020, scoring one goal.Last year, the main striker of Nantong Zhiyun had 4 goals and 2 assists.He played in last year’s Asian Champions League play-off and started four out of five matches at home in the 2020 Group stage.Other players who have played for the First team of Seaport include forwards Huang Zhenfei and Sun Guanou, and midfielders Peng Hao and Zhang Huiyu.Among them, Peng Hao played one match in the group stage of the 2020 Asian Champions League.In addition, two Chinese youth goalkeepers Guo Tong and Liang Kun, central defender Lu Kun and forward Ren Lihao have also participated in first-team training.In addition to Lei wenjie, Huang Zhenfei, Sun Enming and Sun Guanou spent the first two seasons on loan with GM in China’s first division and had a lot of senior team experience.Such a team, if properly managed, will not be able to advance from the group stage of the Asian Champions League, but it will have a chance to score points against Hong Kong’s Jie Zhi.Facing home battle Thailand strong brigade qing Lai united, the harbour team to do is to avoid tragedy.The inevitable disaster may well have occurred during a match of Japanese team Kobe Victory Boats.After all, the two teams are so far apart, with world-class stars like Andres Iniesta at their back.Moreover, kobe victory boat has not won a game in 90 minutes in all competitions so far this season. The opening match of the Asian Champions League group game is to face The Seaport team, which will definitely go all out to take the Chinese Super League youth army sacrifice flag.Of course, for the small players of the Seaport team, no matter how the results of the Asian Champions League trip, are very precious and rare exercise opportunities, but also will certainly have a huge harvest.