Solemnly declare: “Hohhot all toll station prohibited access” is false

2022-08-04 0 By

Today (February 24, 2022), in the morning in WeChat circle of friends that are produced by using my team photo, content as “all important: Hohhot toll access is prohibited Please arrange travel planning in advance, “with” Inner Mongolia integrated transportation administrative law enforcement contingent thirteen detachment “icon and administrative law enforcement.After verification, this content does not belong to my detachment released the news.If this content has a serious impact, our detachment will investigate the organizations or individuals who produce and publish this picture for legal liability according to law, and all the adverse legal consequences arising therefrom will be borne by the producer or publisher of this picture.Once again, we remind the general public and passengers to follow the information released by the two epidemic prevention and control command departments of The Autonomous Region and Hohhot for all traffic information related to the epidemic.This is to declare the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Transport Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Corps thirteen Detachment February 24, 2022