Winter Olympics off | “more unity” achievements new wonderful

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The athletes warmly embraced each other, the foreign athletes were moved to tears by volunteers, and the winter Olympics were praised by netizens, and the athletes from all countries were praised by netizens.Since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the warm images of “greater unity” have broken the ice of this winter winter. The humanistic spirit embodied in “greater unity” has injected new connotation, added new impetus and made new achievements in the Olympic spirit.”More unity” is the mutual understanding between the best and the greatest.Gu Ailing hugs and comforts France’s Tess Lode after winning the gold medal with a left pivot 1620 on Feb. 8.Is it not a kind of happiness to have an opponent who is “momentarily bright”?Only the equal competition, can stimulate each other’s potential, and eventually move towards more powerful together.Last July, the IOC updated the Olympic motto to “Swifter, Higher, Stronger – More United.”The years of contact between athletes of different nationalities, the time they spent together, the sports they participated in together, the lunchboxes they ate together…Although they come from different countries and regions, they often see different skin colors and nationalities hugging, high-fiving and standing at the top of the podium with mutual blessing, recognition and empathy, which is the most incisitive embodiment of “more unity” and the inheritance of sports spirit across national boundaries.”More united” means “I” and “we” as big countries, and the determination to move forward together.Three-time Olympic champion Shaun White missed out on a medal due to a handling error, but the crowd still gave him a warm ovation, paying tribute to the legendary hero’s final games.At this moment, outside the stadium, there is no world.As the only Olympic city in the world, Beijing has witnessed a confident and inclusive audience, all thanks to the strong and open national strength.From overcoming the huge challenges posed by the epidemic to the “black technology” in the “hardcore” venues, China has fulfilled its bid promise and welcomed the five continents to join hands under the Five Ring flags, demonstrating to the world that China is a major country with a shared future for mankind.No mountain or sea is too far for a man of unity.Athletes from all over the world also rushed to the competition in the most energetic state.It is such touching moments and such sportsmanship that makes the Olympic Games, a world-class sporting event, a much-anticipated and enjoyed event every four years.As a Chinese saying goes, “all passengers in a wind are passengers in the same boat”, the epidemic in the 21st century and the changes in the 21st century are intertwined. “Greater solidarity” means not only a new connotation of the Olympic motto, but also a self-transcendence and sublimation of the Olympic spirit. It is the common “cry” of mankind when the epidemic is sweeping the world.As UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, the world needs a successful Winter Olympics to send a clear message that people of any country, nation or religion can transcend their differences and achieve unity and cooperation.If “faster, Higher, stronger” represents competitive sportsmanship, then “more united” is humanistic sportsmanship.Let competition and humanity blend, when the Olympic Games return to sports, the Olympic flame will not burn for a person;When the humanities affect the Olympic Games, the Olympic spirit will be more brilliant because of human nature, and will continue forever in human civilization.Time is silent and time is marked. The wonderful moments of “Gold Medal Siege” are fixed in the game, and the “more unity” outside the game is injected into the eternity.