Zhang Yixing is starring in the new play, lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan are starring, which is another blockbuster

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When it comes to EXO’s four returned sons, zhang Yixing is probably the one who has developed the best.In recent years, Lu Han did not have any news, some fan into the prison;Huang zitao is still arguing with netizens about his relationship;Only Zhang Yixing is seriously developing his career now.For Zhang yixing, he first made his name in China when he took part in “Extreme Challenge”;The cute looking boy is called little Sheep by his fans;Her lively and cheerful personality attracted the attention of many fans;These years not only in the singing career developed very well, after entering the film and television industry also began to take off.In 2021, he starred in the hit TV series “Black Storm”;His on-screen performance in A Good Play, starring Huang Bo, was also praised;After so many years of polishing, the little sheep has now grown into a big bad Wolf;In the TV series, he also broke through himself again and again, and now he has become a powerful actor.Recently, Zhang yixing has another project coming out, his new series “Meet Me When I Meet You.”The drama was officially announced on February 23, and many fans were looking forward to it.As soon as the news was released, it went viral.You can see how much traffic and appeal Zhang Yixing has.In addition to Zhang Yixing, the show also has a number of talented actors;Outstanding actors such as Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan, jia Nailiang also joined the drama;This drama is based on the novel of the same name, belongs to big IP production;The production team is the industry’s top team, the screenwriter is the original author.When they see the producer, many viewers know that the show is stable.Produced by midday Sunshine, which has produced a number of popular shows in recent years;In recent years, the most popular shows with names have come out of the midday sun;They adapted the successful play “lang 铘 list” “Joe’s children” and so on;With a team like this, it’s likely that the show will be the next blockbuster.For Zhang yixing, this is his first attempt to challenge the genre;It is still difficult for him, but I believe that after polishing the acting skills with sun Honglei and those old actors;Now Little Sheep Zhang Xing’s business ability should be more outstanding;Here’s a look at some of the details and plot of the show.”Meet the season” set on February 23 as a novel adapted from the film and television play, first of all, the cast above is very good;There are real actors and streaming stars, and these days it’s a common pair;Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan are excellent actors and actresses.They received recognition when they starred together in The First Half of My Life.This time in this play together again, do not know what kind of sparks will rub out;Then there is Zhang Yixing, as the traffic of the whole drama;This time Around, Zhang’s character is also anticipated by fans;And what’s most anticipated is the plot, which is a lot of intrigue.The whole play is basically not a silly white sweet, the original novel filled with a variety of dog blood drama;Love triangles, quarrels and so on can be seen everywhere in the play;In the original story, lei Jiayin’s hero courts yuan Quan’s heroine;But two people eventually failed to come together, because of the safety test when she married, men finally give up.Because the field at home was taken away, Lei Jiayin played Jian Hongcheng no way, can only leave;After returning home for many years, he discovered that his home town had changed;His favorite girl actually divorced, which means his opportunity to come again;However, two people in want to go together when suddenly know their fathers have enemies.This dog blood set to tell the truth there are still a lot of netizens look forward to;What netizens love most is all kinds of brawls;Zhang’s character is also tough this time;In order to prevent Jian Hongcheng to take back the field, he is also devoting his mind.So all are evil set, xiaobian see is really looking forward to;It’s interesting to see what Zhang Yixing will say about such a sinister character;Lay’s development over the years is really exciting.Fans who know his rise to fame know that Zhang Yixing is a hard worker;Just like the name of his micro blog, it is called effort, effort and effort;Zhang Yixing does work hard and assiduous;That’s how he got to where he is.Zhang Yixing grew up what his parents call someone else’s child;Since childhood versatile, painting singing all kinds of expertise is very good;Zhang yixing was a minor star at the age of six, appearing in TV series;Parents also spent money on education when they were young.Zhang Yixing, who has shown talent for acting since he was a child, has dreams of becoming a star;So when Yixing was 17, his parents sent him to South Korea to work as a trainee;South Korea is known for its strict selection of trainees under the kind of intense training.Zhang Yixing grew up very fast and soon started his career with outstanding achievements and talent.Zhang Yixing worked 10 times harder than anyone else back then.Although the days were hard, they were a precious treasure for Zhang Yixing.After his debut, he became the dance director of the group.Zhang Yixing, who came to China with the group, didn’t do well at first;Zhang Yixing has the worst resources and development in the beginning of the four returning sons.Lu Han, a contemporary, became a top performer upon his return;Wu Yifan is followed by a series of works and heat become the top flow;Huang Zitao has a father who opened an entertainment company in his home, and there is no shortage of resources in his father’s hands.So in every way, Zhang Yixing is the one who lost out.But now Zhang Yixing is one of the best.For Zhang Yixing, his goals can be achieved if he works hard.Zhang yixing’s development gradually took off after his extreme challenges became popular.Under the leadership of several big brothers, I really gained a lot of growth;Led by big Brother Huang Bo, he starred in a good Play.When Zhang Yixing appeared in the show, many viewers were skeptical;It wasn’t until after watching the movie that I realized how much progress Yixing has made;The difference between the blackening at the last moment and the early stage is very obvious;The quality and the look in the eyes is amazing.It was also because of this film that Zhang’s acting skills first gained audience recognition;He’s blossomed into a real actor;In 2021, he starred with Big Brother Sun Honglei in “Black Sweep”.And we see another side of this little sheep.This is Zhang Yixing’s first time playing a police officer;Zhang Yixing plays out his rebellious character most vividly;But as the show progresses, Zhang Yixing grows up with the characters;You can’t even be bad acting with these old actors.Led by Red Lei Ge, Zhang Yixing has once again proved himself to be an excellent actor;The show will also become one of Zhang’s signature works;Zhang has been honing his acting skills for years to star in a TV series;I believe there will be a harvest soon;This time around is another opportunity for Zhang Yixing to improve.For the hard-working little sheep, such an opportunity he will grasp;I’m looking forward to seeing him in the show.In the end, do you think Zhang Yixing is one of the best actors in the new generation?What wonderful performance will he give to the audience in this drama?This role is going to be a challenge for him, right?Do you think Zhang Yixing can play the role well?Feel free to leave a comment below.Code word is not easy, I hope I can give xiaobian a point of praise point of attention.