Crocus sativus import declaration agency procedures and process introduction of “customs clearance knowledge”

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Crocus sativus perennial herb.Corm oblate globose, ca. 3 cm in diam., with yellowish brown membranous envelope.I believe that many people do not understand kansai safflower import declaration procedures and procedures, and other issues, next, Kaisen import supply chain xiaofian for everyone to introduce the kansai safflower import declaration those things!One, safflower import declares customs formalities data 1, commercial contract, packing list, commercial relevant certificate 2, declare customs to inspect power of attorney 3, crocus quarantine certificate 4, import and export right of operation 5, certificate of origin 6, crocus supplier registers to put on record in China number 2, crocus import declares customs flow 1.Sign foreign trade agreement 2. Pay deposit to prepare goods abroad 3.5. Tax payment and tax payment 6. Inspection and release 7.Delivery to customer designated warehouse related reading Iran saffron import declaration procedures information and process introduction “Customs clearance guide” unexpected!Tibet (phan) saffron import declaration formalities is so simple “clear clearance knowledge” kapok import declaration clear clearance formalities those thing!”Customs clearance guide” (fresh) dry locust rice locust flower import customs clearance procedures those things!”Customs clearance guide” saffron import customs clearance procedures flow those things!”Customs Clearance Guide”