Deng Zhou 120: “Persistence” in the Night

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The dark night, as if endless thick ink, heavily daub in the sky, even the stars have no glimmer, all things on the earth into a dream.At 0:23 in the morning of February 11, the city people’s Hospital 120 first aid station received the city 120 emergency command center to send the task: to Tao Ying ren Ying to meet palpation, chest tightness patients.120 paramedics are on the move as soon as instructed.The dispatcher of the first aid station contacted and learned that there were two patients who could not move autonomously. According to the communication with the alarm phone on the scene for many times, they were judged to be CO poisoning, and there were no other family members at home.The ambulance raced through the dark night.The ambulance staff contacted the patient to confirm the specific location, but the patient was already in a vague state of consciousness, and hesitantly said: “South of the Renying Expressway bridge, water tower, northeast corner” only useful information.Asked if he could come out to pick up the bus, the patient said he was short of breath and could not move.Ask if there’s any other relatives to contact.Patients with subverbal disorder, slurred speech.The ambulance broke through the night with a flash of hope and arrived at Tao Ying Renying village at 12:43.When I contacted the patient again to ask the specific location, the patient still repeated the water tower and northeast corner and asked if I could pick up the car. The patient said that he would try to get up and hang up the phone. The emergency personnel also contacted the patient again while looking for him, but no one answered the phone at this time.After many times of contact, the phone was finally connected. The other party was emotional and crying, “Come quickly, come to save us”. The medical staff asked which family or what landmark building there was, and the other party kept repeating the water tower and northeast corner.When asked for the patient’s name, the caller hung up.It was the middle of the night, and the winter night was cold and dark and still, with the occasional bark of a dog.Emergency workers continued to contact the patient as they scoured the village, but the call was never answered.Report to command center 120, command center feedback phone also no answer.Emts just have to keep looking.In the dead of night, ambulances did not dare to sound their sirens for fear of disturbing the masses. They could only knock on the doors of houses with lights on, but found nothing.An hour has passed and the patient is still disconnected.Silent villages, frantic first responders, phone calls they can’t answer, patients they know are desperate, but there’s nothing they can do.Just disheartened, the ambulance happened to pass by the village, with the vehicle personnel proposed to go to the village to find the person in charge of the phone may be able to contact.In this way, with the last glimmer of hope, the three medical drivers got out of the car with flashlights and looked for signs on the wall in the dim light of the dark village compound.Everything comes to him who waits, finally found a few contact phone number in the corner of the export, under the condition of the uncertain whether the principal tried to contact, the first phone unable to connect, the second and the third through to coordinate with each other very much, after also contact the relevant personnel to help us to find in the village, said the key to the known information after preliminary estimate possible somebody else I was headed to the past!At 1:45 in the morning, the caller was finally found!!When they arrived at the scene, the two patients were in a coma. At this time, the family members also arrived at the scene through the contact of the village head, assisted the medical staff to carry the patients to the ambulance, and immediately gave a series of first aid measures upon arrival.The ambulance arrived at the hospital at 2:06, and the patient was transferred to the relevant department for further treatment.In a minute, save the edge of life and death.For nearly three hours, emergency workers struggled through the night with the hope of life.Adhere to, let the dark night with light, first aid again and again, a field of rush, the mission of the first aid person has no end, as long as the patient needs, as long as the bell rings, set off immediately, race with time, escort for life!Source: Dengzhou 120 Dengzhou People’s Hospital first aid station