Flying flower to “acacia”, how many can you recite?

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I do not know where to get autumn frost in the mirror.2. I don’t know the children are stupid, so I slander them.I don’t know who jiang Yue is waiting for, but I see the Yangtze River flowing water.4. I do not know how many people return by the moon, the moon shake feeling all over the river tree.5. I don’t know who cut the thin leaves, the spring breeze in February is like scissors.6. I do not know the near splash first, suspected that the winter snow has not sold.7. I do not know where to blow the reed pipe, a night zheng wang township.8. I don’t know where to go from here, but I can still see the spring breeze.9. I wonder what year it is in the palace in the sky.Water tune head/Su Shi :10. I do not know how much spring outside the door, since moving the lamp according to begonia.11. There is wood on the mountain, but there is no branch.Yue Ren song/Unknown (Pre-Qin)12. Soup rice cooked, I do not know who.15 from the army/anonymous (Han)13. Lovesickness bitter, with whom to complain?I don’t know where I am.The ancient Love song/anonymous (Han)14.Beauty is hard to find!There is a beautiful woman in the north/Li Yannian 15.Mulan’s story/Anonymous (Northern and Southern Dynasties)16.17. There is no calendar day in the mountains, and the cold does not know the year.18. I don’t know the twilight of the day, there is time and space to look at the lonely clouds high.Send Chen Zhangfu/Li Qi 19. Boudoir young women do not worry, spring makeup on the Cui building.Bestie resentment/Wang Changling 20. But see tears wet, DO not know who heart hate.But the master can drunk guests, I do not know where is the home.Unknown in the deep forest, the bright moon comes to take a look.23. I don’t know how far it is to sit and watch the mangrove trees.Taoyuan line/Wang Wei 24 black hair do not know study early, whitehead party regrets reading late.25. I have no idea that an old man is coming, and my wealth is like floating clouds.I don’t know where to sleep tonight. Pingsha is thousands of miles deserted.27. I do not know the court tree to do, spring also hair old flowers.People do not know where to go, peach blossoms still smile in the spring breeze.Title city south zhuang/Cui Hu 29. Tonight, as far as people hope, I do not know who fall home.I do not know the heat, but cherish the summer long view mow/Bai Juyi 31.Long hate spring return not to find place, DO not know to turn into this.32. Wuling is young and quarreling over tangles, while a qu Hongxiao is hard to count.Pipa line/Bai Juyi 33. A thousand trees, peach blossom, medicine, I do not know what memory of the world.34. Only in this mountain, the cloud deep do not know where.35 soul dream I do not know the body in the road, night still from zhaoyang.Wang Zhaojun/Hu Lingneng 36 merchant women do not know the hatred of subjugate, across the river still sing backyard flowers.Bo Qinhuai/Du Mu 37. Linglong dice Ann red beans, acacia know I do not know.38. I do not know the mountain moon in my heart, water wind empty flowers, swaying bi Yun oblique.To ask gu Hong where, DO not know the long life.After sleep I do not know the moon, covered with flowers and shadows qian people help.Don’t show off your colors to the world. I don’t know how to help the poor.42. When I grow old, I do not know how to spend.43. A tree, a pear blossom and a brook moon, I wonder who belongs to tonight?44. Deal with thousands of hun is bold, home without four walls do not know poverty.Youth travel/Wu Xiangzhi 45. I do not know the body is a guest in the dream, for a long time greedy.Waves wash sand/Li Yu 46. People do not know where, the green wave is still flowing east.Chess stop do not know people change, wine stop helpless guest think.A Dream/Ouyang Xiu 48. The moon and the sun cover the flying flowers, and I do not know that there is clear frost in the world.Geese and ducks do not know spring to do, with the water while peach blossom.At dusk, I often remembered that I was drunk and did not know where TO go.Dream ling/Li Qingzhao 51. Deep consideration hair with the world white, I do not know when the belt yellow.Night reading/Tang Yin 52. We talk about the sky in the world together, and remember the world without knowing it.After drinking, I don’t know the sky in the water, and the boat is full of clear dreams.The governor in the Early Ming Dynasty was a great many flower-like girls in the palace who were unmarried.Wang Zhaojun/Liu Xianting 56. Once spring beauty old, flowers fall people do not know two!At the bottom of the acacia tree, say love, think lang lang hate lang Lang do not know.Taiwan Zhuzhi Ci/Liang Qichao